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The White House: Getting The Story Straight

Can Starr find daylight between the accounts of the principal witnesses, or are they all converging?

TIME magazine 03-16-98

The job search

Clinton says it was Betty Currie's idea to help Lewinsky find a job. But he admits he got periodic reports about the effort from Jordan, his longtime friend

Jordan says he "inferred" that Clinton was behind the call from Currie but that his "efforts were not a quid pro quo for the affidavit that she signed"

Lewinsky told Linda Tripp she would not sign an affidavit in the Paula Jones case denying a sexual involvement with Clinton until Jordan found her a new job

The Relationship

Clinton says he had no sexual relations with "that woman," although the definition used in his deposition--contact by someone with another person's groin, buttocks, breast or inner thigh--would not preclude kissing

Lewinsky claims in her affidavit that she had no sex with Clinton, but she has told friends she had oral sex with him

Jordan says both Clinton and Lewinsky denied to him that they had a "sexual relationship," although it is not clear how Jordan defines the term

The Gifts

Clinton acknowledges that he gave Lewinsky gifts. But he says some of the gift giving was at Currie's prompting. That sounds plausible for the T shirt from Martha's Vineyard, but for the poetry book?

Lewinsky says through her lawyer that when her gifts from the President were subpoenaed, Clinton told her that if she didn't have them, she couldn't turn them over

Currie ended up with the gifts and turned them over to Starr. Whose idea was it that Currie take possession of the gifts?

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