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White House Scandal At A Glance: March 12

Today's developments:

  • Presidential confidant Bruce Lindsey was recalled to the Monica Lewinsky grand jury but it appears there was no showdown over executive privilege. There was no indication the White House had reached a deal with the office of the independent counsel about ground rules for the testimony of President Bill Clinton's top aides. But it appeared there was an accommodation not to broach the privilege issue.

  • Lawyers for the president and Lewinsky argued before the judge in charge of the grand jury that the independent counsel's office is responsible for illegal leaks regarding the proceedings.

  • Bayani Nelvis, a steward in the White House, appeared for a third time before the grand jury. Sources say Nelvis was questioned "to tie up loose ends" regarding his vantage point during any meetings between Clinton and Lewinsky in the Oval Office.

  • Linda Tripp, the woman who secretly taped conversations with Lewinsky about her alleged affair with the president, has been reassigned by the Pentagon. Pentagon officials tell CNN Tripp could not continue to run the Joint Civilian Orientation Project from home and she is being reassigned to other duties. Officials say her salary of about $88,000 will continue and there are no plans to terminate her.

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Thursday March 12, 1998

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