Arrest Made In Connection With So-Called Kennedy Papers

NEW YORK (March 16) -- Lawrence Cusack III was arrested early Monday and charged with mail fraud for selling papers that he said proved President John F. Kennedy had an affair with Marilyn Monroe.

U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White unsealed the charges that allege Cusack defrauded dozens of investors from around the United States of up to $7 million for ownership shares of letters and notes purported to be in Kennedy's handwriting.

Cusack had provided author Seymour Hersh with documents showing that Kennedy bought Monroe's silence about the alleged affair by setting up a trust fund for her mother. The documents were supposed to be part of Hersh's book, "The Dark Side of Camelot," but Hersh deleted the chapter before publication of the book because authenticity of the documents was challenged.

Cusack's lawyer, Thomas Sargent, told CNN, "My client expects to plead not guilty and the government still has to prove their claims."

Cusack claimed to have found 700 documents relating to the Kennedy family, Monroe and Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana in the files of his father, Lawrence Cusack Sr., a lawyer who died in 1985.

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