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Lewinsky Friend, Presidential Diarist Testify

Grand jury appearance of Sherrie Densuk delayed


WASHINGTON (March 17) -- The grand jury investigating the Monica Lewinsky matter went back to work Tuesday, hearing from Lewinsky's college chum, Catherine Allday Davis.

Independent Counsel Ken Starr reportedly flew Davis in from Tokyo to ask about conversations she and Lewinsky may have had regarding Lewinsky's relationship with President Bill Clinton.

Davis, 24, spent almost all day before the grand jury, answering questions about her e-mail exchanges with Lewinsky, sources told CNN. The two women attended Lewis and Clark College in Portland.

"Catherine has been a close friend of Monica Lewinsky since college and still considers her a close friend," Davis' lawyer James Bensfield told reporters.

Sources said the questioning included her extensive computer message exchanges with Lewinsky.

The panel also heard the testimony of Ellen McCathran, identified as the presidential diarist. McCathran is a General Services Administration (GSA) employee who works on presidential scheduling. She has been with the GSA for 22 years and is not a political appointee.

Her attorney Jeffrey Jacobovitz told reporters she appeared briefly to testify that the records she accumulated on the president's activities for the National Archives do not show any meetings between Clinton and Lewinsky.

Jacobovitz said that her records would not show every meeting the Clinton had.

McCathran has been at the White House as a diarist since the Gerald Ford Administration in the 1970s. She is "on loan" from the National Archives. She was deposed in October 1997 for the Senate hearings into campaign fund-raising allegations but never testified before the Thompson committee.

Part of McCathran's duties include collecting the president's schedule and other paperwork highlighting the chief executive's day and organizing it in a formal day-to-day log. She does not write a traditional "Dear Diary" diary.

Densuk testimony delayed

The grand jury appearance of aspiring actress Sherrie Densuk, originally scheduled for Tuesday, was delayed. Her lawyer, Keith Watters, told reporters outside the courthouse that his client "hasn't done anything wrong."

"She just heard some hearsay and the Office of the Independent Counsel, I guess, is interested in learning about the circumstances of that hearsay, whether there was any obstruction on the witness, whether there was any subornation of perjury. I think that's the thrust of their inquiry," Watters said.

In a phone interview with CNN, Densuk said she was shocked to be subpoenaed.

"Two gentlemen came to my door and when I wouldn't answer questions, they subpoenaed me," she said. "I'm on medication for my nerves." She would not elaborate on who the two men were.

Densuk would not answer questions on why she was subpoenaed or what kind of information she may have that would interest the grand jury. She said she couldn't get into specifics at this time and referred inquiries to Watters.

Of what Densuk would say, Watters said, "It may be significant to you as a member of the public, as a citizen, but it may not be significant to this particular inquiry." He said Densuk had some contact with an associate of the president.


Densuk said her grand jury appearance is not currently scheduled.

As to the timing of the testimony of the central figure in the investigation, Lewinsky, her lawyer said it was still not scheduled.

Attorney Bill Ginsburg said, "The constant question is when she will appear? It's entirely possible that she will never appear, because the prosecutor has a proffer so he knows exactly what she is going to say for better or for worse, so I say, why the drama of the grand jury?"

"However, my opinion doesn't guarantee either that she will or won't appear and we are under subpoena and we've agreed to appear so if he calls reasonable times and places we'll make her available," Ginsburg said.

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