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Rothenberg One of the nation's top political analysts, Stuart Rothenberg, dissects politics at the congressional and statewide levels.

Rothenberg's 1998 Senate Ratings

Democratic Seats (18)

Lean Republican: Ohio Open

Tossup: Arkansas Open, Moseley-Braun (Illinois), Kentucky Open, Hollings (South Carolina), Reid (Nevada).

Leans Democratic: Boxer (California), Murray (Washington), Feingold (Wisconsin)

Democrat Favored: -- none --

Safe Democratic: Dodd (Connecticut), Graham (Florida), Inouye (Hawaii), Breaux (Louisiana), Mikulski (Maryland), Dorgan (North Dakota), Wyden (Oregon), Daschle (South Dakota), Leahy (Vermont).

Republican Seats (16)

Leans Democratic: Indiana Open

Tossup: D'Amato (New York)

Leans Republican: Bond (Missouri), Faircloth (North Carolina)

Republican Favored: Campbell (Colorado), Coverdell (Georgia), Gregg (New Hampshire)

Safe Republican: Shelby (Alabama), Murkowski (Alaska), McCain (Arizona), Idaho Open, Grassley (Iowa), Brownback (Kansas), Nickles (Oklahoma), Specter (Pennsylvania), Bennett (Utah)

In Other News

Tuesday March 24, 1998

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