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Starr v. Clinton: More Of Your Letters

Here's some of the latest e-mail from readers on Ken Starr's continuing investigation of the president. If you'd like to comment on news of the day, drop us an e-mail note, and please include your name and home town.

'Poor Monica's Rising Legal Bills'

It's funny to see Monica's father, Dr. Lewinsky, complain and cry about poor Monica's rising legal bills. If she would've just cooperated with the grand jury from the beginning, there never would've been any need to hire legal charlatans like Ginsburg and pay for his so-called "legal advice" in the form of a very lavish lifestyle. If nothing happened as she originally testified, then what the hell is she worried about? It's just plain common sense.

-- Warren Ulaner, March 24

'Svengali-like Control'

Washington, D.C., is not Little Rock. The American people can -- and should -- expect more from the president. Apparently courage and morals were not part of Bill's presidential agenda. I anticipate the eventual end of the Svengali-like control Bill holds over the feminists who see him as their friend in the White House.

-- Greg McKinney, Woodland Hills, Calif., March 23

'A Front Man'

The real behind-doors issue is from the people that have hired Kenneth Starr. These people that stand cowardly behind a front man, or in case they lose, a fall guy.

The slander campaign started with Whitewater, and because they could not prove that, they began a personal attack on their political foe.

These people are the ones we should be investigating; they are the ones operating behind closed doors. They spend millions of taxpayer dollars to defend their own political agendas. Do not be fooled by the puppet, because there is always a puppeteer pulling the strings.

-- K.M. Jones, San Francisco, March 22

'Not About Ken Starr'

This investigation is not about Ken Starr. It's about alleged criminal acts in the White House. Why can't Americans wake up and see what Bill Clinton has done to the morals of our country? Why can't they see what a disgrace that is upon the office of the presidency? It's time for people to stop putting their political party loyalty above the country and demand the truth. I would urge that Bill Clinton be put on probation from the office until the matter is resolved. Bill Clinton should take a leave of absence until he is proven guilty or not. How can anyone go about the nation's business in time of such a crises in the White House?

-- Ron Stair, Batesville, Ark., March 22

'Close Up Shop'

Starr should close up shop. It is obvious that this is a political right-wing witch hunt with the common denominator being Tripp. As far as Lewinsky and Willey are concerned, it seems pretty clear that with both of them, somehow there was Tripp, tripping around supposedly as the person to substantiate the reports by the two of them. Somehow, Tripp just happened to know what went on with both Lewinsky and Willey, because it is all a setup.

Seems very strange that Tripp appeared to always be in the right place and at the right time.

Tripp has been spinning her web, all in an effort to bolster Starr's case against the president. It really doesn't take too much effort to figure out what Tripp's agenda was.

I'm terribly distressed with all the news media (cable and network) recycling the same garbage 24 hours. How long is this recycling going to go on? The news media need to go out and find some real news and thereby, relieve the viewers of this 24-hour bombard of garbage under the disguise of news.

-- Z. M. Townsel, Chicago, Ill., March 21

'Kenneth Starr's America'

I feel I am living in some middle ages and in another time -- Kenneth Starr's America.

I am shocked at the madness that Kenneth Starr has unleashed in America in the name of righteousness and moral crusade.

Instead of giving credit to one of the greatest presidents of all time, Bill Clinton and his educated wife, Hillary Clinton, for bringing America back to a super-functioning country, Kenneth Starr is out to get them for whatever reason. If not Whitewater, maybe sex. If not sex, maybe sexual harassment. If not sexual harassment, maybe rape/assault charges. Starr is not a judge, but portrays the face of a sadist. Whatever it takes to destroy Clinton's image and trigger impeachment, he is doing.

The entire U.S. justice system smells of a Stalinist repetition of court farce: PERSECUTE TILL PROVEN GUILTY. Shame on this madness.

America is allowing a GIANT POLITICAL MONSTER -- Kenneth Starr -- to set a bad precedent. I am waiting to see when this monster will go down the drain, like Joe McCarthy.

Let's not forget: Bill Clinton was elected by 260 million Americans as president for whatever he is and stands for. Let's respect this electoral college and the office. His private life is his and not a subject of discussion at Kenneth Starr's kangaroo court.

-- Dr. Belal U. Siddique, Loveland, Ohio, March 21

'Something For He and God To Discuss'

Starr should have stayed focused on Whitewater. Changing it to sex investigations, he has turned the whole thing into a soap opera that the children do not need on their school computers.

The president's sex life is something for he and God to discuss, not us. Our country has lost "big time" for six years now. Most of the damage has been done by the ones out to save us from ourselves. They ruined the Oval Office, when they taught our children not to show respect for the president. Parents and teachers don't seem to get much respect anymore either. Bill Clinton may have lots of faults, but the prolonged personal attacks have destroyed the country's values, not him! I hope Starr drops the sex part of the investigation. Can "he said, she said" go anywhere but circles?


-- Leland Olson, Arlington, S.D., March 20

'Sick At Heart'

I am sick at heart to see what Clinton has done to this nation. When are we, as a nation, going to stand up and demand accountability from him? If he has nothing to hide, why does he hide behind all his handlers and lawyers? And are we, the taxpayers, paying for most of the lawyers working on his cases?

-- B. Rexrode, Florida, March 19

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