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Jones' Lawyers Allege Cover-up of Willey Papers

Paula Jones
Paula Jones  

Motion Also Cites Alleged Sexual Assault Accusation

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, March 29) -- Lawyers for Paula Jones are accusing President Bill Clinton and his legal team of failing to produce subpoenaed documents, and they are asking for sanctions against the president and his attorneys.

Jones' attorneys charged in newly filed court papers that that the Clinton legal team did not produce the entire set of letters, notes and telephone messages between Kathleen Willey and the president. Jones' lawyers asked for the documents three months ago, before Willey's deposition.

In their motion, Jones' attorneys contended that the White House had denied any such documents existed, including records about Willey's employment, appointments, duties, conferences, logs and telephone records. Willey was a volunteer worker at the White House.

Kathleen Willey
Kathleen Willey  

Jones' motion also mentions an alleged accusation of sexual assault against Clinton. White House counsel spokesman Jim Kennedy told CNN that charge is "outrageous and false." Kennedy said the alleged victim has provided Paula Jones' attorneys with a sworn deposition stating the incident never happened.

When reached by phone Sunday, the alleged victim told CNN, "No comment. I'm not going to verify, not going to deny. Just no comment."

The allegation -- that then-Arkansas State Attorney General Bill Clinton sexually assaulted a woman in a hotel during a convention 20 years ago, -- is based solely on a 1992 letter containing a second-hand account of the alleged incident.

Phillip David Yoakum, who describes himself as a friend of the woman, sent the unsigned letter to the women discussing the alleged incident. That letter was part of Jones' filing Friday.

Willey's letters

The White House released some of the letters immediately after Willey's interview on CBS' "60 Minutes," in which she alleged the president made a crude sexual advance toward her.

Some of the letters, signed "Fondly, Kathleen," were cited as evidence that the two remained on good terms even after Clinton allegedly fondled her just outside the Oval Office in November 1993.

Jones' lawyers said their court filing offers "new evidence of witness tampering and cover-up by defendant Clinton." Jones is suing Clinton over alleged sexual harassment while he was governor of Arkansas.

The complaint was filed Friday before federal Judge Susan Webber Wright in Little Rock, Arkansas. The news media was notified via a news release issued Saturday by the Dallas law firm representing Jones, Rader, Campbell, Fisher & Pike.

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Saturday March 28, 1998

Jones' Lawyers Allege Cover-up Of Willey Papers
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