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Clinton To Visit Kentucky To Talk Tobacco

By John King/CNN

WASHINGTON (April 3) -- President Bill Clinton will travel to Kentucky next week to push for national tobacco legislation and assure farmers they will not be driven out of business by any settlement, administration officials told CNN.

The Thursday event was added to the president's schedule after Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman traveled to Kentucky Friday to lay the groundwork for the presidential visit.

"The president will take his case for national tobacco legislation to the heart of tobacco country," said Clinton domestic policy adviser Bruce Reed.

Clinton also is dedicating much of his Saturday radio address this week to tobacco.

In a Rose Garden appearance Friday, Clinton said he was concerned about reports major tobacco companies were planning to say they would not accept national settlement legislation being pushed by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.)

"I still believe the incentives are there for the tobacco companies to do this," Clinton said. "I still believe that in the end, we will achieve an agreement which will convince them, or which they will be convinced will be in their interest."

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