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 Clinton Welcomes Jones Decision; Appeal Likely (04-02-98)



Voter's Voice: More Jones' Case E-Mail

We're still getting plenty of e-mail on Judge Susan Webber Wright's decision to throw out Paula Jones' lawsuit against the president. Here's some of the latest, and if you'd like to comment on that or any other news of the day, drop us an e-mail note. Please include your name and home town.

'The Groper'

The Democrats can now say, "We won one for the Groper!"

- J.L. Mantica,. April 2

'Highly Offended'

I believe that Judge Wright made a courageous and correct decision, but I also believe that Ken Starr should continue his inquiry into perjury, suborning perjury and obstruction of justice. I am highly offended by the White House trashing of anyone and everyone who questions or criticizes the administration.

-- Pam Rogers, Anchorage, Alaska, April 3

'Get Back To The Real Business At Hand'

It's amazing how much time and effort we have invested in order to dethrone the president. We are slowly but surely destroying the last great democracy. This display of the president's personal sex life is of no concern to the general public. It's important that we get back to the real business at hand, that is, to protect the last great democratic country in this free world.

-- Lenny Thomas, Atlanta, Ga., April 3

'These Disgusting Ants'

In pursuing their personal and political agendas, Paula Jones, Ken Starr, Linda Tripp and their ilk have smeared the office of the presidency of this proud nation. Now that the absurdity of Paula Jones' lawsuit, obvious to all but venomous partisans, has been officially established, these disgusting ants should crawl back into the obscurity from which the came.

-- Bill Proctor, April 3

'The National Media Spinners'

A few reasons why I haven't responded as the national media spinners thought I should have:

1. It's pots calling the kettle black. When I believe that Washington politicians, lobbyists, news people and residents from either party are NOT having affairs and lying to someone about it, THEN I will choose sides.

2. Most of the questions that are being asked these people under oath and to which they might have been less than totally forthcoming are questions that SHOULD NOT BE ASKED SOMEONE UNDER OATH IN THE FIRST PLACE. It may seem like I make a legal-system-weakening concession when I say that I don't get too upset when a person doesn't fully tell the truth in response to questions that shouldn't be asked; BUT, the legal system is close to a travesty (or a joke) so...

3. I wish Clinton had more character. I wish he would stand up for things and defend what's right. IF he did that he would be a man of character in my view, even if he is a womanizer.

4. I recognize the hypocrisy in saying all politicians are this, that and the other bad things and then holding certain politicians (NOT ALL!) up to a high standard of sexual honesty (and little else!), which I do not believe that either the media people or the critics are themselves living up to.

5. It is a fact that Starr and his pals have been attempting to find something on Bill and Hil and have looked with a fine-toothed comb through zillions of documents in respect to transactions which are well documented and have repeatedly told us that one or the other would be indicted and spent $30,000,000-plus doing it. WHERE IS THE BEEF?

6. As Nixon's and Reagan's men said more than once, when they can't get you on anything substantive they try to get you on perjury or obstruction of justice, basically to justify all the money spent and because there is a determination to bring a charge. The investigation begins with that goal and some prosecutors just can't accept the fact that the person they are persecuting may not have violated any laws!

-- Larry D. Doores, Warren, R.I., April 3

'The Best President'

A great victory for the president! Finally President Clinton can tackle the issues he was elected to do. And, hopefully all Americans will finally begin to realise that despite President Clinton's personal problems, based on his performance as president, he is probably the best president they have had in the last 50 years.

Best regards,

-- Rik Gates, April 3

'Only In America'

Only in America, where we print "In God we trust" on our money, can:

Judges be ridiculed and sued for posting the Ten Commandments in the courtroom;

A sitting governor request sexual favors from an employee and not be subject to the law once sitting as president;

Television shows like "Ellen" push and push and push on the audience to accept an immoral and unnatural sexual relationship as the theme of the show;

A Olympic "Dream Team" made up primarily of professional basketball players look so stupid on the podium, gold medals around their necks, and not even able to lip-synch the words to the national anthem, which is played and sung every single game of their multi-million dollar careers.

When will we wake up? When this country begins to care and to take action against the injustices and immoral activities of the people we vote to office? When will we care enough to love our children, love our family, and love our neighbors as we love ourselves?

-- Scott Kerchner, Port Huron, Mich., April 2

'Frankly, You Stink'

Are you people never embarrassed by your misstatements, misinformation, erroneous opinions and seemingly deliberate misrepresentation of events such as the Paula Jones v. Bill Clinton decision ...

How is it possible that ANY responsible news organization could announce within a very few hours following the courts release of a decision that "THE MAJORITY OF THE AMERICAN PUBLIC AGREE WITH THE DECISION?" No reputable polling could possibly arrive at such a public opinion.

You people are fast becoming the best example ever of yellow journalism and an ambulance-chasing mentality.

Frankly, you stink.

-- Bill Compton, April 2

(Editor's Note: A CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll was conducted after Wright's decision was announced. It surveyed a representative sample of 666 adults, and the results were released at 10 p.m. EST, about six hours after the judge's decision. The survey showed that 63 percent of those interviewed thought the judge's decision was right, and 25 percent thought it was wrong. The survey had a margin of sampling error of +/- 4 percentage points. Read the results and answers to frequently asked questions about CNN's polling methods.)

'Bow Out'

Kenneth Starr's charade has gone on long enough. Taxpayer dollars are being spent on his agenda-laden "investigation," and he should be told that "enough is enough." I'm not sure how the American people have stood for this for so long. Have we really become so apathetic?

A message to Mr. Starr: bow out. Let Mr. Clinton run the country. He's been doing a fairly good job with that, while you've been busy trying to ruin him. Or did you not notice?

-- Ben Gott, Brunswick, Maine., April 2

'Have Truly Harmed Women'

In their irrepressible zeal to "get Clinton by any means necessary," including manufacturing a frivolous sexual harassment lawsuit, the right-wingers in this country have truly harmed women.

Now, every woman who comes forward with a legitimate case of sexual harassment will be unfairly scrutinized to no end, will be compared to Paula Jones and may never be able to achieve justice from a jury. Judge Wright was correct in dismissing Paula Jones' frivolous lawsuit and she was correct in ruling that a sitting president may not be tried while in office.

Much of the blame for this fiasco must go to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court, in one of the most irrational and foolhardy opinions of this century, allowed this travesty of a case to go forward against a sitting president. The common sense legal principle that prevented suits against sitting presidents/monarchs has promoted good government in most countries of the world for centuries. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court completely lost its sense and allowed this suit to go forward, resulting in political chaos for the past few years as the right-wingers capitalized on the discovery abuses made by Paula Jones' lawyers and ethical abuses by Kenneth Starr.

We should all give Judge Wright a major pat on the back for restoring sanity to this process. I cannot help but recall the utter embarrassment I felt when travelling overseas this winter and having to explain why in the world the United States would allow its president to be treated in such a disrespectful manner. The fact that leader of the free world's private sex life could be exposed to the world left many people around the world shaking their heads in disbelief and disgust. I could only agree with them, as there was no way to defend this nonsense. The Supreme Court's folly was corrected in the end by a wise and courageous judge. Let's make sure it never happens again.

-- Vaughn Adams, Hyattsville, Md., April 2

'Learn A Lesson From All Of This'

While I completely support the judge's decision against Paula Jones, I certainly hope that Mr. Clinton can learn a lesson from all of this, or perhaps he already has. Most intelligent CEO's and other people of power know that the "appearance" of indiscretion is as destructive as the actual act...

Most CEO's will do everything possible to avoid touching contact with their employees. This is a wise philosophy. Hugging can easily be misinterpreted, as well as any comments relating to personal or sexual issues.

Certainly Mr. Clinton should understand this. On the flip side is the person of power (mostly male) who regards their position as a fertile ground (and repayment for their efforts to obtain power) as a potential sexual garden. In Europe this is generally accepted. Not so in the U.S, at least not anymore.

Surely Mr. Clinton, if he felt this way, and there is some evidence that he has, has realized the error of his ways since this is the U.S. and not Europe. Even as an atheist, I consider it immoral to cheat on one's spouse. It is dishonest and can even result in the spreading of serious STD's to at least one "innocent" party. Mr. Clinton, this is serious business. You have a very attractive loving wife. If you don't love her, get divorced or separated, but until then, leave other women alone. After all, you promised this when you married her.

-- Michael M. Rosenblatt, April 2

'Only In Arkansas?'

Let's see. I can drop my pants, show a lady my penis, tell her to kiss it and I won't get into trouble? Or is this only in Arkansas, or is that just for the (this) president?

-- David E. Baker, April 2

'Something Went Down'

It doesn't surprise me that the discrediting campaign against Ken Starr is more on the minds than this decision. I don't have the legal background to know whether or not this is a just decision. That will be played out in the appeals process. I do think that given Clinton's history with women that something went down that night in the hotel. But what bothers me is that if Ken Starr brings evidence that supports impeachment proceedings then the case will be tried in the court of public opinion because it will be in the hands of the Congress who are elected officials. Thus wanting to be re-elected, they will give bended ear to their constituents. And look out, the smear then will dwarf what we have seen so far.

-- Todd Staples, Charlotte, N.C., April 2

'A Marvelous Job'

As a foreigner, I feel so sorry for the American people that the U.S. media have nothing to report but the president's private sex life. The media should be taught that there are a LOT of GOOD things happening in your country, and your president is doing a marvelous job.

-- Garry Wu, Atlanta, Ga., April 2

'Very Entertaining'

How big can things get in U.S.A.? The Jones "case" is an example. Very entertaining, a media success -- but there are important things to do for your Head Honcho.

-- Soren Munch, April 2



That's finally over, for the time being. Wish it, and Starr's doings were ALL over with, so President Clinton can get back to being the good president he could be! Would it be too much to ask that the news medias could get their acts together and get on to more illuminating and educational news articles, and avoid the more titillating rumors and innuendos that do much harm to our country in the eyes of other parts of this world? Granted, it sells, but ultimately at what cost?

Thanks for allowing this forum to express ourselves.


-- Alice Sitton, April 2

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