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The Jones Case
 Legal Issues

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Key legal documents from the case.

Voter's Voice

We've received a ton of e-mail on Paula Jones' lawsuit, and here's some of it. Or join an online discussion on our community page.

Changing Look

Paula Jones has changed lawyers, personal advisors and even her looks. Check out the changes with a JavaScript-enabled browser.

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Paula Jones' Lawyers Are Eager For The OK To Appeal


WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, April 6) -- The chief lawyers for Paula Jones said Sunday they believe Jones could win an appeal of her dismissed sexual harassment suit against President Bill Clinton if she files one.

But Donovan Campbell, who heads the Jones legal team, said his client has not yet decided on appealing.

"Obviously, there is a chance of success on appeal or we would not recommend any type of appeal," Campbell said on ABC's "This Week."

"The decision is in the hands of Paula Jones. Her lawyers have given her the pros and cons of what might be involved. The decision factors now are human factors, not legal factors," he said.

Last week, a federal judge in Arkansas threw out Jones' sexual harassment lawsuit, saying Jones' attorneys did not present sufficient evidence of sexual harassment and economic or psychological damage to merit a jury's hearing the case.

Another member of the legal team, the Rutherford Institute's John Whitehead, said his organization, which has helped finance the case for Jones, has urged an appeal.

"The Rutherford Institute really wants to appeal this case," Whitehead said on "FOX News Sunday." "I think there's a good chance she will appeal the case."

Appearing later Sunday on CNN's "Late Edition" and asked if he would bet on Jones filing an appeal, Whitehead said she had "true grit."


"I think that she's had a lot of stamina since 1994 and there's a good chance that she will decide to appeal and we can move forward," he said.

Both Whitehead and Campbell rebutted suggestions that money would be a factor in whether Jones appeals because his firm is working on a contingency basis.

White House advisor Rahm Emanuel, appearing on NBC's "Meet the Press," said the case was over and an appeal would not be worthwhile.

"The judge said this case was without merit, it was baseless. And in that sense, it is time to move on," said Emanuel.

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