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The Notebook: Webb Hubbell Back In The Spotlight

TIME magazine 4-13-98

(TIME, April 13) -- Even as one scandal dies for Bill Clinton, another comes back to life. Representative DAN BURTON's campaign-finance team is set in coming days to depose presidential pal WEBSTER HUBBELL on a sensitive subject. Burton's gumshoes have traced an additional $200,000 that went to Hubbell in 1994, bringing to $700,000 the total of gifts and fees raised by Clinton friends from sympathetic companies. Independent counsel Kenneth Starr is trying to determine if any of it was intended to buy Hubbell's silence about Clinton dealings at a time when Hubbell was being investigated. In the deposition Burton will focus on payments to Hubbell by figures in the 1996 campaign-finance scandal, such as the Riadys of Indonesia, whose $100,000 payment to the former Associate Attorney General was previously disclosed. Whatever Hubbell spills about another benefactor, VERNON JORDAN, could be of more interest. Jordan landed Hubbell $60,000 in consulting fees from Revlon, the same company he got to offer a job to Monica Lewinsky.

--By Michael Weisskopf/Washington

Eulogy Bella Abzug

BELLA ABZUG was one of the few people I know who were always right about character. Her politics came out of that unerring evaluation. Her ethical standards made her a human being far ahead of her time. She saw activism as the most important solution to improving the world, which she believed was suffering a nervous breakdown. "People should reach inside themselves and claim their right to equality," she would say. Of course, she was a feminist, but more than that, she was a humanist who fought against the pain, isolation and oppression that she felt women had experienced.

The courage she displayed in acting on her convictions sometimes stunned people, because she "saw" things long before others opened their eyes. Her impatience was always a harbinger of what would come to pass.

I will miss her comfortable fun in gazing at a sunset, in color-matching a wardrobe, in having her beside me in times that were difficult, in dishing a new movie and in discussing which politicians were telling the truth. Truth was what she was most open-minded about. My friend the truth liver, truth teller and truth maker is gone. But not really. We often discussed life after life. I'm sure I'll be hearing from her. And I'll smile through my tears because she won't find it surprising.

--By Shirley MacLaine

Not Outrageous In Arkansas


BILL CLINTON That which doesn't kill him makes him stronger. But will we think of him as President or Houdini?

BOB BENNETT Gets knocks for not settling, bad reviews for his 60 Minutes bit, but in the last act he delivers

JAMES CARVILLE Clinton loyalist declared war on Starr; Round 1 is his


PAULA JONES Maybe an object in Clinton's game, surely a pawn in someone else's. Who will give her $700,000 now?

SUSAN CARPENTER-McMILLAN The Madame Defarge of the CNN era finds a career: not spokeswoman but makeover artist

KENNETH STARR Not even his case but it's still a torpedo in his engine room


"While the alleged incident...if true, was certainly boorish and offensive...[it was] not one of those exceptional cases in which a single incident of sexual harassment...was deemed sufficient to state a claim."
JUDGE SUSAN WEBBER WRIGHT, in her decision to dismiss the Paula Jones suit against Bill Clinton

"He wasn't crying."
MICHAEL MCCURRY, Clinton's press secretary, on whether the President was smiling when he heard the news

"The angels are crying."
SUSAN CARPENTER-MCMILLAN, Paula Jones' spokeswoman, noting the rain outside Jones' house the night of the decision, as seen on Larry King Live

"People here are more worried about whether Michael Jordan is going to retire...than anything having to do with Paula Jones." ERIC MITCHELL of Chicago, quoted in the Washington Post

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