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Wellstone Launches Presidential Exploratory Committee

By Carin Dessauer/CNN


WASHINGTON (April 8) -- A presidential exploratory committee has been created for a possible run for the White House in the year 2000 by Sen. Paul Wellstone, a liberal Democrat from Minnesota.

It's the first presidential exploratory committee formed for presidential campaign 2000, a Wellstone aide and Federal Election Committee officials told CNN.

The Wellstone committee would allow the senator to "fund his exploratory presidential political travel" and "look at more seriously a presidential run" in 2000, Wellstone aide Linda Marson said.

"We are still in the testing the waters stage, but this will allow him to further travel the country and test the waters," Marson said. "This committee will fund his trip to Iowa next week and one to New Hampshire in two weeks. Wellstone will not make a final decision [about the 2000 race] until after the midterm election."

The Federal Election Committee does not have the Wellstone Committee registered yet, but FEC official acknowledge that Wellstone's would be the first official presidential committee formed. The FEC would not register Wellstone's committee or any such exploratory committee until that committee has raised or spent $5,000.

Wellstone has already visited Iowa six times and to New Hampshire twice over the last year.

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