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Ex-Sen. Packwood Mulls A Comeback

New York Times says he is thinking of running for state legislature

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, April 9) -- Bob Packwood, the former Republican senator from Oregon who resigned in disgrace three years ago over accusations of sexual misconduct, is considering running for the Oregon state legislature in 2000, The New York Times reported Thursday.

"I haven't concluded anything, and I won't until I have some sense of the reaction," Packwood told the Times. "The only way you can know is to go back and go around the state as if you were a candidate."

Packwood, a Washington-based lobbyist who works on tax issues, has begun raising his profile in the state, making speeches and attending fund-raisers, the Times said. The newspaper said Packwood "clearly has been in awe" of President Bill Clinton's ability to ride out the sexual misconduct allegations against him.

During the congressional recess over Easter, Packwood plans to deliver four speeches in Portland and tour a factory. He also is set to appear on CNN's "Late Edition" on Sunday.

Packwood quit the Senate after the Ethics Committee urged he be kicked out because of accusations of sexual misconduct, soliciting jobs for his estranged wife and altering his diaries to obstruct the Senate probe.

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Ex-Sen. Packwood Mulls A Comeback

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