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 Starr Impeachment report underway (4-8-98)



Poll: Clinton Should Be Ashamed Of His Personal Conduct

But most Americans aren't ashamed he's their president

By Keating Holland/CNN


WASHINGTON (April 10) -- Most Americans think that Bill Clinton should be ashamed about his personal conduct since he became president, but a majority say they are not ashamed to have him as president, and his approval rating remains at 67 percent, according to the latest CNN/TIME poll.

If Independent Counsel Ken Starr submits a report to Congress with evidence that may constitute grounds for impeachment, a majority says that Congress should investigate Clinton further, but 54 percent currently think that such a report would be biased against Clinton.

Only 18 percent now believe that Clinton should be impeached and removed from office.

Clinton's personal conduct may be a minefield for the GOP. A majority of the country, and a majority of Republicans nationwide, think GOP leaders should not speak out more than they have in criticism of Clinton.

If Congress considers impeachment, candidates who oppose Clinton on this matter might face a net loss of votes in November. Although a majority say that the issue would not affect their vote for Congress, 32 percent say they would be less likely to vote for a candidate who supported impeachment and only 11 percent are more likely to vote for such a candidate.

Currently, 49 percent of all Americans say they would vote for a Democratic candidate if elections for Congress were being held today; only 36 percent say they would vote for a Republican. Keep in mind that the election is almost seven months from now.

The results are based on interviews with 1,011 adults on April 8-9, and the survey has a margin of sampling error from +/- 3 to 4.5 percentage points, depending on the question.

Here are the numbers:

Should Clinton Be Ashamed About His Personal Conduct?
Yes 52%
No 40
Sampling error: +/-4.5% pts

Are You Ashamed To Have Clinton as President?
Yes 32%
No 63
Sampling error: +/-4.5% pts

If Starr Submits Report, Should Congress Investigate Clinton?
Yes 60%
No 36
Sampling error: +/-3% pts

If Starr Submits Report, Would It Be Biased Against Clinton?
Biased 54%
Unbiased 35

If Candidate For Congress Supported Impeachment
More likely to vote for 11%
Less likely to vote for 32
No effect on vote 52

Congressional Vote If Election Were Held Today
Democrat 49%
Republican 36

Should GOP Leaders Criticize Clinton More Than They Already Have?

All Americans Repubulicans
Yes 26% 37%
No 66 56
Sampling error: +/-5% pts

Indicting Monica?

If the evidence shows that Monica Lewinsky lied under oath about having an affair with Clinton, nearly two-thirds of the country believes that Starr should indict and prosecute her for perjury.

By a 47 percent to 37 percent margin, the public tends to believe that Clinton and Lewinsky did have an affair.

But by a 48 percent to 37 percent margin, Americans tend to think that Clinton did not make an unwanted sexual advance toward Kathleen Willey.

And remember Whitewater, which Starr was originally selected to investigate? The public is split, 42 percent to 37 percent, over whether Clinton did or did not do anything illegal in Whitewater.

Here are the numbers:

If Evidence Shows Monica Lewinsky Committed Perjury, Starr Should...
Indict her 64%
Not indict her 31
Sampling error: +/-3% pts

Did Clinton Have An Affair With Monica Lewinsky?
Yes 47%
No 37
Sampling error: +/-3% pts

Did Clinton Make Unwanted Advances Toward Kathleen Willey?
Yes 38%
No 48
Sampling error: +/-3% pts

Did Clinton Do Anything Illegal in Whitewater?
Yes 42%
No 37
Sampling error: +/-3% pts
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