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WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, April 23) -- Attorneys for ex-Housing and Urban Development Secretary Henry Cisneros have asked a federal judge to sever a co-defendant and former lover from his upcoming trial on charges he lied to the FBI.

December's indictment accused Cisneros of downplaying the amount of money he allegedly paid to Linda Medlar to keep her quiet before his confirmation as cabinet secretary.

Medlar, Cisneros, and two others are named in the indictment for conspiracy, obstructing justice, and lying to the FBI. Earlier this month, Medlar began serving a three-and-a-half year prison term on a guilty plea to her September indictment for conspiracy, bank fraud, money laundering and obstructing justice.

Attorneys for Cisneros want her excluded from their client's trial on the December indictment, telling Judge Stanley Sporkin that certain evidence admissible against Medlar would not be admissible against their client.

Associate Independent Counsel Mark Jackowski argued against severance because of the high cost to the government and the court to hold two trials. Sporkin gave prosecutors a week to redact, or edit-out, evidence that should not be admitted. He gave defense lawyers a week to respond, before a possible ruling during the next court date June 8th.

Cisneros, his attorneys, and prosecutors refused comment to camera crews and reporters covering the group's arrival and departure from U.S. District Court.

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Friday April 24, 1998

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