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Republican Stunt Lets Them Eat Cake

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, April 23) -- In a publicity stunt, Republicans delivered a birthday cake to their bitter rivals in celebration of the Democratic National Committee's 150th birthday, but the DNC had the last laugh.

Todd Harris, deputy director of communications for the National Republican Congressional Committee, was met by a Newt Gingrich masked-man when he tried to deliver the chocolate-vanilla cake. The masked-man scrabbled at the cake, interrupting Harris's presentation.

Harris said the cake was inscribed: "You've been raising taxes for 150 years. Here's something you might be willing to cut."

The DNC was born in Baltimore, Md., during the Democrats' convention of 1848. The actual dates of its formation was May 22-25, but the DNC is holding a yearlong celebration.

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Friday April 24, 1998

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