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Sources: Complaints By Secret Service Agent Resulted In Lewinsky Transfer

By John King/CNN


WASHINGTON (April 24) -- A Secret Service agent complained about former White House intern Monica Lewinsky's visits to the West Wing back in spring of 1996 and she was transferred within several days to a week to a Pentagon job, two sources tell CNN.

The sources, both former White House officials, say agent Gary Byrne told then deputy chief of staff Evelyn Lieberman he believed Lewinsky was visiting the Oval Office area at times she was not authorized to be there. He also raised concerns about her visiting the West Wing after business hours, the sources said, confirming a report in today's New York Times.

Byrne is among the agents Independent Counsel Ken Starr is trying to question in his investigation.

One of the sources, who is an associate of Lieberman, said the complaint from Byrne was one of several that led to Lewinsky's transfer, against her wishes to a Pentagon job.

Sources previously have told CNN that Lieberman was upset that Lewinsky dressed provocatively and was spending too much time near the Oval Office. But Lieberman has forcefully denied ever receiving complaints that Lewinsky and President Bill Clinton were having a sexual relationship.

Lieberman was an early witness before the Starr grand jury.

In Other News

Friday April 24, 1998

Sources: Complaints By Secret Service Agent Resulted In Lewinsky Transfer
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