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 Clinton Visits The Heart Of Tobacco Country(04-09-98)

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Rothenberg One of the nation's top political analysts, Stuart Rothenberg, dissects politics at the congressional and statewide levels.

Rothenberg's 1998 Gubernatorial Ratings

By Stuart Rothenberg

Democratic Seats

Leans Republican: Florida Open, Nebraska Open, Nevada Open

Tossup: Colorado Open, Georgia Open, Cayetano (Hawaii), Glendening (Maryland)*

Leans Democratic: Knowles (Alaska)

Democrat Favored: -- none --

Safe Democratic: Shaheen (New Hampshire), Kitzhaber (Oregon), Dean (Vermont)

Republican Seats

Leans Democratic: -- none --

Tossup: California Open, Illinois Open, Minnesota Open, Ohio Open, Almond (Rhode Island)

Leans Republican: James (Alabama), Hull (Arizona), Rowland (Connecticut), Iowa Open, Cellucci (Massachusetts), Johnson (New Mexico),

Republican favored: Engler (Michigan), Beasley (South Carolina), Pataki (New York)

Safe Republican: Huckabee (Arkansas), Idaho Open, Graves (Kansas), Keating (Oklahoma), Ridge (Pennsylvania), Janklow (South Dakota), Sundquist (Tennessee), Bush (Texas), Thompson (Wisconsin), Geringer (Wyoming).

Independent Seats

Safe Independent: King (Maine)

* = moved since last rating

In Other News

Wednesday, April 29, 1998

Sources: Judge Decides Lewinsky Doesn't Have Immunity
Grand Jury Hears Hillary Clinton's Videotaped Testimony
Assault Weapons In Transit Could Enter U.S.
Clinton Administration Dismisses Gingrich Claim Of Campaign Finance Coverup
Paula Jones Files Her Notice Of Appeal
Bob Dole To Receive DOD Highest Civilian Award
Senate Panel Hears Testimony About Botched IRS Raid
Clinton Raises Million For Democratic Senate Bids
Starr In Little Rock For Final Push Before Grand Jury

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