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Gephardt Lashes Out About Gingrich Comments

Ann Curley/CNN

WASHINGTON (April 30) -- Saying "we don't need to turn government into the Jerry Springer show," House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt is urging Speaker Newt Gingrich to recuse himself from consideration of matters regarding the House campaign finance investigation. Breaking his silence on the issue, Gephardt wants Gingrich to remove himself from the debate because of remarks Gingrich made on the subject this week.

At his weekly news conference Gephardt said he has sent a letter to Gingrich, expressing his concern that the Speaker has repeatedly accused the Clinton administration and Democrats on the Government Reform and Oversight Committee of obstructing justice.

Gingrich has made the remarks in a series of speeches and floor statements addressing the independent counsel's investigation of President Bill Clinton and the House campaign finance investigation.

Saying the Georgia Republican has no business taking a stance on the investigations before he is presented with all of the facts, Gephardt said "He [Gingrich] has the ultimate responsibility for seeing that Congress carries out fair and impartial investigations..."

Gephardt asserted that if rules and procedures are not followed "it's a kangaroo court, it's putting people above law, and we will entirely lose the respect of the people of this country, no one will believe in anything we produce here in an investigatory process, and we literally become the Jerry Springer Show in the Congress. And I'm here to tell you the American people deserve better than that."

Gephardt said of Gingrich "my concern is that he seems to be taking the position of judge and jury, that is, he is deciding these issues before he's even presented with the facts, and I think that disqualifies him from being able to carry out his duties as Speaker of the House. The Speaker of the House should be non-partisan, in an investigatory mode should be looking for facts, trying to help the Congress get to the facts."

Elaborating, Gephardt said "the Speaker has given up his ability to be an objective chief judge, if you will, and he's got to turn these matters over to people like [House Judiciary Committee Chairman] Henry Hyde and others who can carry them out in an objective manner."

Defending the court motions made by the president's lawyers, and the decision by Democrats to vote against immunity for Government Reform witnesses last week, Gephardt said that the legal maneuvers and committee actions are legitimate actions, and the Speaker does not have the right to judge them.

Asked if he believes Gingrich has concluded that impeachment of Clinton is warranted, Gephardt said "the last time we went through this with the president, obstruction of justice was one of the main charges as a high crime and misdemeanor and Congress voted in the committee for impeachment. That sounds to me like a conclusion has been reached."

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