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Notebook: Reputation Long Gone

TIME magazine


"All these people that have been working hard on this for seven years now...can affect my reputation. They can do nothing, for good or ill, to affect my character."
Bill Clinton, describing his accusers at a Washington press conference "We're returning to the economy of the '50s and '60s--a remarkable, remarkable combination of strong growth without inflation."
Jeffrey A. Frankel, of the Council of Economic Advisers, quoted in the New York Times

The Scoop Politics: The G.O.P. Plots to Hang The 2000 Problem on Al

(TIME, May 11) -- It's still the economy, stupid. Now that things are going well, AL GORE is determined to make sure he gets some of the credit--whether the opportunity arises in announcing seemingly every favorable economic statistic that comes out or in his speeches, starting with one this week at the Detroit Economic Club. But Gore may not always want to be inseparable from the economy. If the Millennium Bug sparks a recession, as various economists predict, Republicans aim to remind voters that the high-tech Veep who popularized the term "information superhighway" will have had eight years in which to tackle the problem. "The Year 2000 problem and the Year 2000 campaign are going to be the same thing," says Jim Lucier of Americans for Tax Reform, a group that has close ties to the G.O.P. The Republican National Committee appears to be intrigued at the prospect. Ed Yourdon, an expert on the Millennium Bug, has been invited to speak at a strategy-planning session.

--By Declan McCullagh and Karen Tumulty/Washington
TIME This Week

Cover Date: May 11, 1998

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Notebook: Reputation Long Gone

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