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Voter's Voice: Ken Starr's Investigation

We're getting more mail about Ken Starr's investigation and his request to the Supreme Court for an expedited review of the dispute over executive privilege.

Here's a sample of what AllPolitics readers are saying, and if you'd like to comment on that or anything else, drop us an e-mail note. Please include your name and home town.

'Ignores The Facts'

... The continuing Democratic spin that "it's all about sex" ignores the facts. Starr took Linda Tripp's taped info to the Justice Department, noting the many references to suborning perjury, obstruction of justice, witness tampering, etc. Ms. Reno saw fit to concur and assign that investigation to him. Had the tapes been solely about the "sex" involved, I very much doubt if Starr would have even presented the info to Justice. Clinton can order Reno to fire Starr for cause at any time. Let's get real!

-- Raymond C. Houghtby, Sr., Jax, Fla., May 29

'Stop Stonewalling'

If he [Clinton] would stop stonewalling and just give the independent prosecutor the information that he needs, this way his innocence could be proven and it would all be over -- unless of course he has indeed broken the law.

-- Scott Hastings, Dallas, Texas, May 29

'An Objective Answer'

... The rule of law and the principles of "liberty and justice for all" require that each citizen willingly comply with and obey the laws of the land. That responsibility rests especially upon the shoulders of our chief executive. If he has broken the law, whichever it may have been, we must have an objective answer. We must let our process run its course without delay. We must all remember that the president can remove Ken Starr from his duties IF Ken Starr is doing something wrong! The president is the one who has proven to Janet Reno that he needs to be investigated. Don't forget that!

-- Tim Escobar, May 29

'A Political Vendetta'

America can survive Bill Clinton, but it can't survive the total emasculation of the office of the presidency by Kenneth Starr. There is no way a president can conduct any business, if every conversation and action is open game to these so-called "independent counsels" and Larry Klayman. Mr. Starr is totally out of control and this is a political vendetta against the president.

-- Joe Beck, Los Angeles, May 29

'This Lunatic Kenneth Starr'

This lunatic Kenneth Starr has inflicted more damage on this country than Bill Clinton could have in 10 terms in office. Mr. Starr's constant harassment of the president causing this distraction from the business of the country is unconscionable and should be put to an immediate stop.

-- Andy Agree, Los Angeles, May 29

'Lewinsky Won't Even Be A Footnote In History'

Every day we see more of our civil liberties disappear in the name of politics. Everyone from the president to street people are used and abused. The sole purpose of Congress seems to be to destroy which ever party is out of power.

Susan McDougal is no more than a political prisoner. Jailed without trial or right of appeal because she refused to recite her lines as dictated by the so-called special counsel.

Monica Lewinsky won't even be a footnote in history. Who cares who the president is sleeping with? How many presidents of the past have had their "friends"? Who cares?

I didn't vote for Clinton the first time but after seeing that he's trying, in spite of fierce competition, to do the job for which he was elected, I damn well voted for him the second time.

The special counsel is no more than a tool to be used and directed by Congress to justify their abuse of power.

A disgusted ex-Republican from Nevada,

-- Vern Covington, May 28

'Like Liver And Onions'

President Clinton is kind of like liver and onions. People who like him really love him and people who hate him hate with a passion.

-- Ray Jackson, Hugoton, Kan., May 28

In Other News

Friday, May 29, 1998

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