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Primary Night

 Union Voters Contributed To Davis' Victory (06-03-98)

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 CQ Primary Results: Alabama; California; Iowa; Mississippi; Montana; New Jersey; New Mexico; and South Dakota



Alabama Primary Results -- June 2, 1998

By Congressional Quarterly

 Candidate                                         Votes    %
    Hometown         Age Occupation

*** Nearly complete, unofficial results


*Don Siegelman (D)                               254,507  78.3%
    Montgomery       52  Lieutenant governor
 Lenora Pate (D)                                  53,618  16.5%
    Birmingham       49  Lawyer
 Wayne Sowell (D)                                 10,108   3.1%
    Birmingham       39  Social security claims representative
 Lee Lamb (D)                                      6,957   2.1%
    Montgomery       53  Homeopathic physician

#Fob James Jr. (R)                               163,711  48.0%
    Montgomery       63  Incumbent
#Winton Blount (R)                               139,941  41.0%
    Montgomery       54  Plastic-manufacturing company owner
 Guy Hunt (R)                                     27,824   8.2%
    Holly Pond       64  Former governor
 Mac McAllister (R)                                5,641   1.7%
    Tuscaloosa       65  County party chairman
 Phil Williams (R)                                 4,258   1.2%
    Huntsville       58  Defense industry & business consultant


*Clayton Suddith (D)                                 Unopposed
    Russellville     63  Former county commissioner

*Richard C. Shelby (R)                               Unopposed
    Tuscaloosa       64  Incumbent

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 1
                    (Southwest -- Mobile)

 No Democratic candidate

*Sonny Callahan (R)                                  Unopposed
    Mobile           65  Incumbent

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 2
          (Southeast -- Part of Montgomery; Dothan)

*Joe Fondren (D)                                     Unopposed
    Hartford         50  Aircraft mechanic

*Terry Everett (R)                                   Unopposed
    Enterprise       61  Incumbent

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 3
                  (East -- Anniston; Auburn)

*Joe Turnham (D)                                     Unopposed
    Auburn           38  Former state party chairman

*Bob Riley (R)                                       Unopposed
    Ashland          53  Incumbent

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 4
                  (North Central -- Gadsden)

*Donald Bevill (D)                                39,250  60.9%
    Jasper           45  Lawyer
 Robert T. "Bob" Wilson Jr. (D)                   25,201  39.1%
    Jasper           42  Former state senator

*Robert B. Aderholt (R)                              Unopposed
    Haleyville       32  Incumbent

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 5
                    (North -- Huntsville)

*Robert E. "Bud" Cramer (D)                          Unopposed
    Huntsville       50  Incumbent

*Gil Aust (R)                                     29,549  68.9%
    Huntsville       46  Orthopedic surgeon
 Herb Dixon (R)                                   13,335  31.1%
    Huntsville       64  Retired Army colonel

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 6
               (Part of Birmingham and suburbs)

*Donna Wesson Smalley (D)                            Unopposed
    Tuscaloosa       42  Lawyer

*Spencer Bachus (R)                                  Unopposed
    Birmingham       50  Incumbent

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 7
(West Central -- Parts of Birmingham, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa)

*Earl F. Hilliard (D)                                Unopposed
    Birmingham       56  Incumbent

 No Republican candidate

* = Nominee
# = Will meet in runoff.

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Alabama Primary Results
California Primary Results
Iowa Primary Results
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Montana Primary Results
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