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George Wallace Admitted To Hospital

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AllPolitics, June 17) -- The son of former Alabama governor and arch-segregationist George Wallace said Wednesday his father has been hospitalized with an upper respiratory infection, but the younger Wallace says he is "very pleased about the progress."

Wallace, who has been virtually bedridden for the past year, developed breathing problems Monday and was admitted to the critical care unit of Jackson Hospital in Alabama's capital city.

George Wallace Jr. says that his 72-year-old father will be moved to a private room, and doctors are trying to ensure that the respiratory infection doesn't develop into pneumonia.

Wallace has been receiving oxygen and antibiotics, his son said. Wallace retired three years ago as a fund-raiser for the Troy State University System. He lives in Montgomery.

According to his son, Wallace's mental faculties are still sharp, but he has trouble communicating because of Parkinson's disease, a longtime hearing problem and health problems stemming from a 1972 assassination attempt. That shooting left Wallace a paraplegic.

George Wallace Jr. is currently the Republican nominee for a position on Alabama's Public Service Commission.

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George Wallace Admitted To Hospital
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