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The Notebook: No Rest For The Prez

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"I hope President Clinton doesn't nap on the way into town. Otherwise this will all be for nothing."
MA, a taxi driver from Xian, China, on the intensive efforts to spruce up the road to the airport

Campaign 2000

When the cat's away: It's time to make presidential hay. With the Chief in China, this could be the week for the Veep to score bonus points for Campaign 2000.

MONDAY Tour of Florida's fire damage [Full eagle]
TUESDAY Environmental funding announcements in capital [1/4 eagle]
WEDNESDAY Social Security forum in Rhode Island [2/3 eagle]
FRIDAY Town hall education meeting in Louisiana [1/2 eagle]

The Scoop: Burying the DOJ Drug Report

(TIME, July 6) -- The Department of Justice is supposed to pursue the truth. It may have, but it certainly isn't going to publish it soon. Last December, the DOJ announced with great fanfare that it would finally reveal the results of an investigation into allegations that the U.S. government, and in particular the Central Intelligence Agency, collaborated with drug smugglers to funnel cocaine into inner-city neighborhoods. Many of those claims had been laid out in a three-part series in the San Jose Mercury News in 1996. The most outrageous allegations were later proved wrong, and the reporter who wrote the story, Gary Webb, resigned. Justice abruptly pulled the report at the last minute, citing catch-all "law-enforcement concerns," and now says it has "no immediate plans" to release the report. Such secrecy only fuels those like Congresswoman MAXINE WATERS, who want to know more. "The Department of Justice is keeping something from the American public," says Waters. "There's something there that would help support the charges of cocaine-trafficking connections." Whether that's true or not, we may never know.

--By Sally B. Donnelly/Washington
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Cover Date: July 6, 1998

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The Notebook: No Rest For The Prez

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