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Senate Passes Non-Binding Resolution To Reassure Taiwan

By Janet Moore/CNN

WASHINGTON (July 10) -- In a 92-0 vote Friday, the Senate reaffirmed Congress' commitment to a democratic Taiwan and urged President Bill Clinton to seek a public renunciation by the People's Republic of China of any use of force or threat to use force against Taiwan.


Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott of Mississippi told the Senate the resolution is an important step, but not the end of repairing the damage from the president's remarks in Shanghai during his recent trip there.

Saying the president's remarks were a major victory for Beijing and a major blow to Taiwan, Lott added that while seeking to please Beijing the president has strengthened those in Taiwan who argue the U.S. cannot be trusted as an ally. Lott was referring to Clinton's comments that the U.S. will continue to have a "one-China" policy.

The Senate's resolution is non-binding and does not carry the weight of law.

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Friday, July 10, 1998

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Senate Passes Non-Binding Resolution To Reassure Taiwan
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