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By Chandrani Ghosh, Tam Gray, Ian Judson, Belinda Luscombe, Michele Orecklin, Edgar Ortega Barrales, Alain Sanders and Jessica Yadegaran


"I believe America taught our son's killer to hate African Americans."
Camille O. Cosby, mother of Ennis Cosby, the day after Mikail Markhasev's conviction

"Chief Abiola was the closest thing this nation had to a leader. We are not just in shock and mourning; we are leaderless, and that is a very dangerous thing."
Emanuel Irbu, member of the Nigerian opposition party, Nadeco, on the sudden death of Moshood K.O. Abiola, the country's leading civilian politician

"The triple is the most exciting thing in baseball... Home runs win a lot of games, but I never understood why fans are so obsessed with them."
Hank Aaron, baseball's home-run king

"What's a Muppet?"
Dick Armey, House majority leader, failing to recognize one of the cultural touchstones of the 20th century

Sources: Cosby, Aaron (USA Today); Irbu (New York Times); Armey (Washington Post)

Winners & Losers

The first limited-edition Beanie Baby is issued. Parents: the goal of your summer is now set

Julie Foudy
Women's soccer star dazzles World Cup fans with smarts and verve. A commentator is born

Don King
The nation's most flamboyant boxing promoter wins another: not guilty of insurance fraud

Charlene Barshefsky
U.S. Trade Rep breaks rule, brings home too many Beijing Beanie Babies. Bet she still needs Clubby

Sinatra Jr.'s Kidnappers
They may have hoped to cash in by helping make a movie of the story, but Frank Jr. is suing them

The Zapruder Family
Custodians of America's most tragic home movie go commercial, put J.F.K. video on sale

Wishing On A Star

Call it a cultural crisis: many American museums are coming upon hard times. Here are but a few:

Museum: The Ava Gardner Museum, in Smithfield, N.C.
Problem: It has to relocate.
Treasures In Limbo: A Polaroid of one of Ava's corgis, with "Here I am sitting in my Louis XVI sofa. Aren't I grand?" written on the back.
The Future: The museum is seeking donations for its building fund.

Museum: The Debbie Reynolds Hollywood Movie Museum in Las Vegas
Problem: The hotel that houses it will be auctioned in August.
Treasures In Limbo: Original test shots of the ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz.
The Future: Up in the air.

Museum: The Hello Gorgeous Museum, in San Francisco
Problem: It closed.
Treasures In Limbo: Some of the Barbra Streisand memorabilia was auctioned off, but some Barbra refrigerator magnets and a cookie jar are still available.
The Future: None.

So Sue Me

Jackpot! A jury ordered Warner Bros. to pay Francis Ford Coppola a total of $80 million for reneging on a deal to remake Pinocchio. Quite a pay-day, considering what some of his films have grossed domestically:

Tucker (1988)$19 million
The Cotton Club (1984)$25 million
The Godfather II (1974)$46 million
The Rainmaker (1997)$46 million
The Godfather III (1990)$65 million
Dracula (1992)$82 million
The Godfather (1972)$134 million

Sweet Spot

Going, Going, All Gone
Sluggers have always been associated with candy bars. What would go in a Mark McGwire bar?

  • Marlene Machut, M&M/Mars: "Our Upper Decker would have peanuts outside and, inside, chewy caramel that goes a long way!"
  • Laurie MacDonald, Nestle: "The Nestle Slammer would be packed with peanuts--for power!"
  • Andy Jacobs, Brach & Brock: "We'd fill a chocolate bar with jelly beans, which would replicate his bat, which needs some filling if he's hitting all those home runs!"
  • A spokeswoman for Cadbury declined to participate: "The British know nothing about baseball."


Carved In Stone
If you think only computers have a Year 2000 problem, think again. Gravestone carvers say there is a surfeit of headstones with 19-- carved on them. Apparently people ordered their markers, not expecting to out-live the 20th century. Many will. The good news? The stones can be restored.


800 million Approximate worldwide audience for Super Bowl XXXII

2 billion Approximate worldwide audience for Sunday's World Cup final

16.8% Average voter turnout in the 1998 primaries thus far

19.58% Primary turnout in 1994, the historic low

66% Percentage who said in a recent poll that gays should be allowed to serve in the Army

77% Percentage who said in a recent poll that gays should be included in the draft, should it be restored

$1 million Amount turned down by Mark McGwire to wear only Nike apparel while in uniform

$5,000 Amount he receives from Franklin for wearing the Franklin batting glove he prefers

$0 Amount he receives from Nike for wearing the Nike shoes he prefers

Sources: NFL, New York Times, CSAE, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, USA Today, Washington Post
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Cover Date: July 20, 1998

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