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Lewinsky Turns Over Dress For Evidence Testing

By Wolf Blitzer/CNN

Monica Lewinsky  

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, July 30) -- As part of her immunity agreement with Independent Counsel Ken Starr, Monica Lewinsky has handed over to his prosecutors a dress that she alleges may contain physical evidence of a sexual relationship with President Bill Clinton, two sources close to the investigation tell CNN.

The sources say Lewinsky's mother, Marcia Lewis, had possession of the dress over the past six months. Like Lewinsky, Lewis received blanket immunity from Starr this week.

Jim Kennedy, a spokesman for the White House counsel's office, said, "We'll have no comment on any of these rumors."

Early in the investigation, Starr's investigators searched Lewinsky's apartment at the Watergate complex in Washington and took several dresses. They were checked to see if there was any material that could yield DNA evidence, but none showed anything suspicious.

As CNN reported Wednesday, the other new physical evidence provided by Lewinsky to Starr as part of the immunity agreement includes taped messages the president allegedly left on her telephone answering machine.

Starr's investigators are now expected to have the dress and the tapes checked by FBI labs and experts for their authenticity. The new dress, which has been turned over to the FBI, will be examined to see if there is sufficient evidence to conduct a DNA test.

Sources caution there may be no hard evidence. But if found, DNA evidence could provide Starr with corroboration of Lewinsky's allegation that she had a sexual relationship with the president.

In the wake of the latest news reports, Starr's office and lawyers for Lewinsky denied they were the source of "speculative information" on the investigation of the president.

Starr's office released a statement attributed to Lewinsky lawyer Jacob Stein. It said:

"Monica Lewinsky's lawyers, Jacob A. Stein and Plato Cacheris, and the Office of Independent Counsel met for the specific and mutually shared purposed of preventing the dissemination of speculative information concerning the OIC's investigation and its dealing with Ms. Lewinsky. Suggestions in the media that Ms. Lewinsky's lawyers or the OIC are the sources of such information are untrue."

Meanwhile, Secret Service personnel were back at the federal courthouse Thursday to resume testimony before the grand jury.

Clinton's attorney David Kendall
announced that the president will
testify before Ken Starr's grand jury

Clinton, whose lawyer David Kendall announced Wednesday that the president has agreed to testify before Starr's investigators on Aug. 17, has strongly denied any sexual relationship with Lewinsky.

The president's testimony will be videotaped at the White House and Clinton's lawyers will be present for the questioning.

Sources also are telling CNN that the president's testimony will come after Lewinsky begins her appearance before the grand jury.

Shortly after Kendall announced the agreement with Starr, Linda Tripp -- the woman who triggered the entire Lewinsky investigation by giving the independent counsel 20 hours of secretly recorded phone conversation with Lewinsky -- finally broke her six months of silence.

Tripp ended her eighth and final session with the grand jury Wednesday  

Flanked by her lawyers, her spokesman and her children, a nervous, shaking Tripp made her first public statement.

She said fear motivated her to turn to Starr for help.

"I became aware between 1993 and 1997 of actions by high government officials that may have been against the law," she said. "For that period of nearly five years, the things I witnessed concerning several different subjects made me increasingly fearful that this information was dangerous, very dangerous to possess.

"On January 12, 1998, the day I approached the Office of the Independent Counsel, I decided that fear would no longer be my master," Tripp said. "This investigation have never been, quote, 'just about sex.' It has been about telling the truth. The truth matters."

According to sources, Lewinsky is prepared to testify that she and Clinton discussed how to conceal their alleged sexual relationship.

Several sources close to Clinton's legal team say the president plans to stick to his denial of a sexual relationship, no matter what the former White House intern says.

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Thursday, July 30, 1998

Lewinsky Turns Over Dress For Evidence Testing
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