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 Players, timeline, documents, quick votes, quiz, archives. AllPolitics' in-depth look at the investigation into the president's relationship with Monica Lewinsky has it all.


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Poll Shows Job Approval Not Hurt By Clinton Confession

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, August 18) -- President Clinton's admission that he had an "inappropriate" relationship with Monica Lewinsky, contrary to his earlier denials, has not hurt his job approval rating, and a large majority don't think it should cost him his job, according to the latest CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll.

The survey involved interviews with 884 adult Americans conducted August 18.

Despite Clinton's admission, his job approval rating remains high at 66 percent, with 29 percent disapproving of the way he is handling his job. In the last survey a week ago, 65 percent approved and 30 percent disapproved.

Most Americans -- 55 percent -- still hold a favorable opinion of Bill Clinton as a person. In this survey, 42 percent said they have and unfavorable opinion. A week ago, 60 percent said they had a favorable opinion, 38 percent said unfavorable.

First lady's favorable rating increases

Americans overwhelmingly believe that based on what they now know about Bill Clinton that he should not be impeached. Seventy percent opposed removing him from office, while 26 percent favor it. A week ago it was 76-20 against impeachment.

Most Americans believe Clinton was not been completely open and honest about his relationship with Lewinsky in his Monday night address. Sixty-one percent said they think the president tried to mislead the public on some matters. Twenty-nine percent said he was completely honest.

Most Americans think Clinton is honest and trustworthy enough to be president. Fifty-two percent said yes, but 42 percent said no, he isn't. A week earlier, 55 percent found him honest and trustworthy enough, while 42 percent said no.

Hillary Rodham Clinton's favorable rating increased in the past week. The newest survey found 64 percent felt favorably about the first lady, while 29 percent said they held an unfavorable opinion. Her previous favorable rating was 60 percent, with a 36 percent unfavorable rating.

Few people said the Clinton admission would change their vote this fall. Just 13 percent said the recent events have made them more likely to vote Republican, while 12 percent said they are more likely now to cast a Democratic ballot. Seventy-one percent said it would not affect their votes.

How Clinton Is Handling His Job As President

August         10          12
Approve        66%         65%
Disapprove     29          30

Sampling error: +/-4% pts

Opinion of Bill Clinton

August         10          12
Favorable      55%         60%
Unfavorable    42          38

Sampling error: +/-5% pts

Opinion of Hillary Clinton

August         10          12
Favorable      64%         60%
Unfavorable    29          36

Sampling error: +/-5% pts

Clinton Honest and Trustworthy Enough To Be President?

August         10          12
Yes            52%         55%
No             42          42

Sampling error: +/-4% pts

Impeach Clinton and  Remove Him From Office

August         10          12
Favor          26%         20%
Oppose         70          76

Sampling error: +/-4% pts

If Clinton Lied Under Oath In Paula Jones Case

Impeach              42%
Do not impeach       55

Sampling error: +/-4% pts  

If Clinton Lied Under Oath In Grand Jury Testimony 

Impeach             49%
Do not impeach      46

Sampling error: +/-4% pts

If Clinton Obstructed Justice

Impeach           48%
Do not impeach    49

Support Clinton?

Yes, not disappointed   24%
Yes, disappointed       34
No, due to testimony    10
Never supported him     29

Sampling error: +/-4% pts

Clinton's Speech

Good for country    45%
Harmed country      32

Sampling error: +/-4% pts

Clinton's Speech

Completely honest     29%
Misleading            61

Sampling error: +/-4% pts

Who Is More To Blame?

Clinton          39%
Starr            44

Sampling error: +/-4% pts

After Clinton's Admission More Likely To Vote For...

Republican       13%
Democrat         12
No effect        71

Sampling error: +/-4% pts
In Other News

Tuesday, August 18, 1998

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