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Clinton Deposition In Jones Case: 'I've Never Had An Affair With Her'

NOTE TO READER: This article contains explicit language.

(AllPolitics, Aug. 18) -- The following is an excerpt from President Bill Clinton's deposition on January 17 in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case. After extensive questioning about Monica Lewinsky, Jones' attorneys quizzed the president on whether he engaged in a sexual relationship with the ex-White House intern:

JONES' ATTORNEY: "Did you have an extramarital sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky?"


JONES' ATTORNEY: "If she told someone that she had a sexual affair with you beginning in November of 1995, would that be a lie?"

CLINTON: "It's certainly not the truth. It would not be the truth."

JONES' ATTORNEY: "I think I used the term 'sexual affair.' And so the record is completely clear, have you ever had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky, as that term is defined in Deposition Exhibit 1, as modified by the Court.

Deposition Exhibit 1 defines "Sexual Relations" as when a person knowingly engages in or causes "contact with the genitalia, anus, groin, breast, inner thigh, or buttocks of any person with an intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any person."

CLINTON ATTORNEY ROBERT BENNETT: "I object because I don't know that he can remember."

JUDGE SUSAN WEBBER WRIGHT: "Well, it's real short. He can. I will permit the question and you may show the witness definition number one. "

CLINTON: "I have never had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. I've never had an affair with her."

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Clinton Deposition In Jones Case: 'I've Never Had An Affair With Her'

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