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Clinton To Visit Omagh Bombing Site During Northern Ireland Trip

EDGARTOWN, Mass. (AllPolitics, Aug. 26) -- President Bill Clinton is adding a stop at the site of a recent bombing to the itinerary of his upcoming trip to Northern Ireland.

Omagh bombing
President Clinton will tour the site of the
Omagh bombing

White House officials announced Wednesday that Clinton will visit Omagh, the site of an Aug. 15 car bombing that killed 28 people and injured more than 330, during his trip next week.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Barry Toiv said the president wants to "express his sympathy, his condolences for the families there, for that community."

Toiv also said Clinton wants to send a message to "make it clear that those who would use violence to stop the peace process won't succeed."

Clinton leaves Monday for a weeklong trip to Russia, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Details, such as the date and activities, of Clinton's visit to Omagh are not available yet, Toiv said.

The "Real IRA" has admitted responsibility for the bombing in Omagh, 70 miles west of Belfast. The group is composed of Irish Republican Army dissidents.

The bomb went off two months after voters in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic approved a peace agreement between the British and Irish governments and eight provincial political parties representing both the Catholic and Protestant communities.

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Clinton To Visit Omagh Bombing Site During Northern Ireland Trip
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