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 Players, timeline, documents, quick votes, quiz, archives. AllPolitics' in-depth look at the investigation into the president's relationship with Monica Lewinsky has it all.


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Investigating The
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Lindsey Expected To Appear Before Grand Jury Friday

By John King/CNN

Bruce Lindsey

WASHINGTON (Aug. 27) -- Presidential confidant Bruce Lindsey has been subpoenaed to testify Friday in the Monica Lewinsky investigation, two legal sources tell CNN.

Lindsey is to be called before a second grand jury that Independent Counsel Ken Starr has used in an effort to speed up his investigation into the sex-and-perjury allegations against President Bill Clinton.

The sources, familiar with the White House legal strategy, said Lindsey was planning to appear Friday morning. He is the deputy White House counsel and the president's closest personal confidant in the White House.

Lindsey's testimony has been the subject of court battles over attorney-client and executive privilege. He will appear Friday even though the administration is asking the Supreme Court to reverse a lower court ruling that government-paid lawyers do not enjoy a confidential attorney-client privilege with the president.

It is possible, however, there could be White House objections to certain lines of questioning on grounds of executive privilege, as was the case when White House special counsel Lanny Breuer made a recent grand jury appearance.

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Lindsey Expected To Appear Before Grand Jury Friday
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