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Investigating The President


Investigating The
President Headlines

 Clinton Reaches Out To Congressional Leaders (9-8-98)

 Clinton's Attorney Asks To Review Starr Report Before It Goes To Congress (9-7-98)

 Clinton's Democratic Support Slips Further (9-6-98)

 House Leaders Will Discuss Starr Report (9-4-98)

 Sen. Lieberman Says Clinton's Behavior 'Immoral' (9-3-98)

 Clinton Defends His Lewinsky Speech (9-2-98)

 Clinton's Team Will Attempt To Counter Starr Report (9-1-98)

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 Players, timeline, documents, quick votes, quiz, archives. AllPolitics' in-depth look at the investigation into the president's relationship with Monica Lewinsky has it all.


 People In Other Countries Say Clinton Doing Fine (8-27-98)

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 Sen. Joseph Lieberman Speaks On Clinton (9-3-98)

 Text Of Clinton-Yeltsin News Conference (9-2-98)


 Senator Lieberman calls Clinton's behavior 'immoral and harmful (9-3-98)
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 Bob Lang: Our New Secret Weapon(8-27-98)

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August '98

Tick, Tock, Tick... ...Talk (8-3-98)
"It May Blow Up On You" (8-3-98)
The Democrat Who Would Pursue Clinton (8-3-98)
What's in Starr's Files? (8-3-98)
Clinton's Options (8-3-98)
Magaret Carlson: With Women Like These... (8-3-98)
The Art of Presidential Prevarication (8-3-98)
Breakdown On The Road To History (8-3-98)
The Notebook: No Monica Tell All? (8-3-98)

July '98

Breaking the Silence (7-27-98)
The Bodyguards: Shadows And Shields (7-20-98)
All in the Detail (7-20-98)
The Lesson From Webb (7-6-98)

June '98

Tripp's Turn to Talk (6-29-98)
Trillin: The Big Pillow Fight, Interrupted (6-22-98)
Starr's Fellow Traveler (6-15-98)
Monica Who? (6-15-98)
Change Partners and Dance (6-8-98)
Plato Cacheris (6-8-98)
Jacob Stein...and the Laconic Washingtonian (6-8-98)
The Notebook: The Wise Words of Ginsburg...Not Anymore (6-8-98)
Fight to the Finish (6-1-98)

May '98

Keeping It Secret (5-11-98)
No Deal (5-4-98)
No More Days At The Beach (5-4-98)

April '98

The Currie Riddle (4-20-98)
Notebook: The Starr Chronicles (4-14-98)

March '98

Getting Back To Monica (3-31-98)
Why Clinton Is Still Buoyant (3-23-98)
The Lives Of Kathleen Willey (3-23-98)
Two Women, Two Stories And A Presidential Denial (3-16-98)
Sex And The Law (3-16-98)
Touched By A President? (3-16-98)
TIME On Politics Kiss But Don't Tell (3-16-98)
Will Betty Currie Stick To The Script? (3-9-98)
The White House: Getting The Story Straight (3-9-98)
Caught In The Town's Most Thankless Job (3-2-98)
Everyone's Talking Trash (3-2-98)

February '98

Clinton's Crises: Twin Perils Of Love & War (2-23-98)
What Jordan Knew (2-23-98)
Going After Starr's Camp (2-23-98)
Monica's World (2-23-98)
The Notebook: "...a simple, innocent explanation?" (2-23-98)
Turning Up The Heat (2-16-98)
Washington Diary: Should A Mom Rat On Her Daughter? (2-16-98)
The Press And The Dress (2-9-98)
Drip Drip Drip (2-9-98)
Behind The Scenes With Monica (2-9-98)
Just An Affectionate Guy (2-9-98)
Ain't We Got Fun (2-9-98)
With A Little Help From His Friends (2-9-98)
Eyes On The Oval (2-9-98)
The Art of the Leak (2-9-98)
Inside the Magic Bubble (2-9-98)
Give Me a Break! (2-9-98)
The Trouble With Monica (2-2-98)
Inside Starr And His Operation (2-2-98)
"THIS IS A BATTLE." -Hillary Clinton (2-2-98)
The Keeper Of Secrets Is In Starr's Sights
The Week Feminists Got Laryngitis (2-2-98)
Just Keep 'Em Laughing (2-2-98)
First Lady In Chief (2-2-98)
More Froggy Than The French (2-2-98)
Persectued or Paranoid? (2-2-98)
Indecent Exposure (2-2-98)
The Netly News: All Monica All The Time (2-2-98)
Notebook: A Good Poke In The Eye? (2-2-98)
Al's Turn For Good News? (2-2-98)
With A Friend Like This... (2-2-98)
Laws That Run Amok (2-2-98)
What's Sex Got To Do With It? (2-2-98)
Eager Minds, Big Ear (2-2-98)
As Washington Burns... (2-2-98)

January '98

Sparking The Scandal (1-26-98)
Lucianne Goldberg: In Pursuit Of Clinton (1-26-98)
Hot Off The Wiretap (1-26-98)
Is The Prosecutor Running A Starr Chamber? (1-26-98)
The Burden Of Proof (1-26-98)
It's the Sex, Stupid (1-26-98)
Truth or...Consequences (1-26-98)
Oh, Behave! (1-26-98)
In Defense of Matt Drudge (1-26-98)
When Sex Is Not Really Having Sex (1-26-98)
Enablers And Enforcers: The Two White House Cultures (1-26-98)
The Reckless and the Stupid (1-26-98)
The Notebook (1-26-98)
The Master Fixer in a Fix (1-26-98)
Ken Starr, Gumshoe (1-26-98)
The Days Of Her Life (1-26-98)
Politics Made Me Do It (1-26-98)

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