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Investigating The President

Text of House Resolution 525 concerning the Starr report

H. RES. 525



MR. SOLOMON submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Rules



Providing for a deliberative review by the Committee on the Judiciary of a communication from an independent counsel, and for release thereof, and for other purposes.

1 Resolved, That the Committee on the Judiciary shall
2 review the communication received on September 9, 1998,
3 from an independent counsel pursuant to section 595(c)
4 of title 28, United States Code, transmitting a determina-
5 tion that substantial and credible information received by
6 the independent counsel in carrying out his responsibilities
7 under chapter 40 of title 28, United States Code, may con-
8 stitute grounds for an impeachment of the President of
9 the United States, and related matters, to determine


1 whether sufficient grounds exist to recommend to the
2 House that an impeachment inquiry be commenced. Until
3 otherwise ordered by the House, the review by the Com-
4 mittee shall be governed by the resolution.
5 SEC. 2. The material transmitted to the House by
6 the independent counsel shall be considered as referred to
7 the Committee. The portion of such material consisting
8 of approximately 445 pages comprising an introduction,
9 a narrative, and a statement of grounds, shall be printed
10 as a document of the House. The balance of such material
11 shall be deemed to have been received in executive session,
12 but shall be released from that status on September 28,
13 1998, except as otherwise determined by the Committee.
14 Materials so released shall immediately be submitted for
15 printing as a document of the House.
16 SEC. 3. Additional material compiled by the Commit-
17 tee during the review also shall be deemed to have been
18 received in executive session unless it is received in an
19 open session of the Committee.
20. SEC. 4. Notwithstanding clause 2(e) of rule XI, ac-
21 cess to executive-session material of the Committee relat-
22 ing to the review shall be restricted to members of the
23 Committee, and to such employees of the Committee as
24 may be designated by the chairman after consultation with
25 the ranking minority member.


1 SEC. 5. Notwithstanding clause 2(g) of rule XI, each
2 meeting, hearing, or deposition of the Committee relating
3 to the review shall be conducted in executive session unless
4 otherwise determined by an affirmative vote of the com-
5 mittee, a majority being present. Such an executive session
6 may be attended only by members of the Committee, and
7 by such employees of the Committee as may be designated
8 by the chairman after consultation with the ranking mi-
9 nority member.


Thursday September 10, 1998

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