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Investigating The President

Transcript: Remarks from Hyde, Solomon on release of Starr report

September 10, 1998

REP. HENRY HYDE: Immediately upon receipt, we're going to disseminate parts of what we have (OFF-MIKE) go on the Internet, there will be hard copies available. Don't ask me for details.

But there are three parts of the report that we have been informed authoritatively lend themselves to quick dissemination. That is an introduction of 25 pages, a narrative of 280 pages, and a rationale -- or grounds -- of 140 pages.

Those parts of the referral -- they don't call it a report -- a referral will be immediately assembled and disseminated to the press and to the people through the Internet.

There are other parts that will not be readily disseminated but will be put under review. Those consist of an appendices and some 36 boxes of material. That's -- half of that -- we have two sets. They're duplicate.

Now, the reason is that the independent counsel wrote the speaker and said many of the supporting materials -- that's the appendices; those are six binders and the other boxes -- contain information of a personal nature and I respectfully urge the House to treat as confidential.

What we want is a short period of time to review those to see if there are things that should be deleted, such as people who are not involved, their reputations, whatever. We want to take a look at it in a bipartisan way. That means Democrats and Republicans will go over it.

Mr. Solomon is suggesting a week or 10 days for this summary review process with a view toward releasing all of it insofar as we can, unless we agree that some portions should not see the light of day because of innocent people's reputations and that sort of thing.

So, that's what we're going to go through. The house will -- we believe will pass the resolution. We will immediately disperse the initial introduction and the narrative and the grounds. That gives everyone a lot of information for the weekend.

And then, we will very quickly and efficiently review the rest of the material with a view toward releasing it at the earliest possible moment.

We must report back to the Rules Committee as to what our progress and our recommendations by the 23rd of September. We're trying to negotiate to make that the 28th. We haven't nailed that down yet.

But in any event, we'll have a date certain to have finished our review of the boxes and the appendices, and try to agree on what should be protected and what shouldn't.

QUESTION: Do you expect Mr. Conyers (OFF-MIKE)...

(UNKNOWN): (OFF-MIKE) old for a moment. Gerry Solomon, our friend from New York, as chairman of the Rules Committee has been working with his colleagues on the Democratic side of the aisle in the Rules Committee -- over the last day or so particularly -- to draw together the resolution that the House will consider.

Gerry is here to tell us...

U.S. REPRESENTATIVE GERRY SOLOMON (R-NY), CHAIRMAN, HOUSE RULES COMMITTEE: Let me just be brief. The Rules Committee will be meeting late this afternoon to put out half of the resolution -- in other words, the half that will make available the 445 pages of the referral that Henry Hyde has alluded to.

In that rule, we will state that that information will be made available on the Internet. And we'll get back to you this afternoon and tell you how that can be done. We'll try to also have some hard copies ready so that members will be able to take that 445 pages with them when they go back to their districts this weekend.

We will not deal with the procedures. Sometime in the middle of next week we will then take up a rule that will provide the procedures with how the Judiciary Committee will meet.

The rule today will instruct the -- on passage in the House -- will instruct the Judiciary Committee to make this 445 pages available. It will then tell them to report the rest of the supporting material by a date certain. And we are negotiating that on a bipartisan basis with the Democratic members.

The Democratic leadership is divided itself. Some want -- some want it all put out now. Others do not want it put out except the way we've been talking.

It's important we stick to a bipartisan negotiation so that when we do this we are doing it as fair as we possibly can.

(UNKNOWN): Thank you all very much. Thank you all very much.



Thursday September 10, 1998

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