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Poll: Clinton's approval rating up in wake of impeachment

December 20, 1998
Web posted at: 10:48 p.m. EST (0348 GMT)

(AllPolitics, December 20) -- In the wake of the House of Representatives' approval of two articles of impeachment, Bill Clinton's approval rating has jumped 10 points to 73 percent, the latest CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll shows.

That's not only an all-time high for Clinton, it also beats the highest approval rating President Ronald Reagan ever had.

At the same time, the number of Americans with an unfavorable view of the Republican Party has jumped 10 points; less than a third of the country now has a favorable view of the GOP.

Despite concerns that public calls for Clinton's resignation would rise after his impeachment, the number of Americans who want Clinton to resign has remained statistically unchanged. Only 30 percent want Clinton to resign; only 29 percent want the Senate to convict Clinton and remove him from office.

The poll, released Sunday, also shows that 35 percent approve of the House's decision to impeach the president.

Interviews with 852 adult Americans were conducted December 19-20, after the House of Representatives voted to impeach Clinton.

Do you approve of the way Bill Clinton is handling his job as president?

             Now    Dec. 15-16

Approve      73%       63%
Disapprove   25        33                 

What is your opinion of the Republican Party?

              Now   Dec. 15-16

Favorable     31%      43%
Unfavorable   57       47

What is your opinion of both the Republican and Democratic parties?

             Favorable  Unfavorable

Republican      31%         57%
Democratic      57          30

Should your senators vote to remove Clinton from office?

Yes      29%                         
No       68  

Should Clinton resign now?

        Now    Dec. 15-16

Yes     30%       33%
No      69        63

Do you approve of the decision to impeach Clinton?

Approve     35%                     
Disapprove  63                      

Has the GOP in Congress abused its powers?

Yes         54%                   
No          41                    

Who do you want to have more influence over the nation?

               Clinton   GOP

Now            60%      31%
October        53       39
September      44       43

As of now, can Clinton be an effective president during his remaining two years in office?

              Yes    No

Now           72%    26%
September     58     39

Clinton's effectiveness has been harmed...

A great deal         24%            
A moderate amount    35
Not much             27
Not at all           12

What should the Senate do?

Proceed with trial      31%        
Censure/no trial        36         
No trial or censure     32        

Do you think the Senate will remove Clinton from office?

           Now     Dec. 12-13

Yes        41%         37%
No         49          58

Does Speaker-elect Bob Livingston's resignation make you more likely to support Clinton's resignation?

Yes        14%                      
No         84

Is Vice President Al Gore qualified to be president?

Yes       63%
No        27

Do you approve of the military attacks on Iraq?

Approve      78%                    
Disapprove   18

Do you believe Clinton ordered the attacks on Iraq to divert attention from impeachment?

Yes       25%                              
No        66 
All questions have a sampling error of plus or minus four points.

Investigating the President


Sunday, December 20, 1998

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