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CNN's Anna Coren meets artist Jeff Koons whose work has divided critics.

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2013: McCartney's 'surreal upbringing'updated Thu Nov 27 2014 09:15:36

Talk Asia joins fashion designer Stella McCartney on a visit to Donghua University in Shanghai.

Sri Lankan cricketer tackles corruptionupdated Fri Nov 21 2014 11:28:25

Former team captain Kumar Sangakkara on standing up against Sri Lanka's cricket board. CNN's Anna Coren reports.

Sangakkara: Cricket brings people togetherupdated Fri Nov 21 2014 11:11:19

Cricket sensation Kumar Sangakkara on his biggest triumphs and Sri Lanka's violent past.

Sri Lanka's cricket sensationupdated Fri Nov 21 2014 11:03:29

CNN's Anna Coren meets national sporting hero Kumar Sangakkara who says cricket represents an ideal Sri Lanka.

Tsuji: The art of Japanese cuisineupdated Mon Oct 20 2014 12:15:01

Tsuji Culinary Institute president, Yoshiki Tsuji talks to CNN about his family's impact on Japanese cooking.

Beautiful Japanese 'Kaiseki' dishesupdated Thu Oct 16 2014 12:15:00

Third-generation executive chef, Kunoi Tokuoka shows the beautiful Japanese 'Kaiseki' dishes that his restaurant serves.

Japanese food of the futureupdated Thu Oct 16 2014 12:14:22

CNN's Talk Asia visits Sakurae Toyonaka where owner Kenji Mitsuda serves up some of their modern dishes.

Blanchett on 'Blue Jasmine'updated Wed Sep 24 2014 18:15:03

Actress Cate Blanchett reflects on her role in the Oscar-winning drama and calls for more films about women.

Oscar winner embraces fearupdated Wed Sep 24 2014 17:55:29

Academy Award-winning actress Cate Blanchett on working outside of her comfort zone.

Cate Blanchett's road to stardomupdated Wed Sep 24 2014 17:44:38

The Oscar winner gives us a unique glimpse into her incredible career.

In the kitchen with Curtis Stoneupdated Sat Aug 23 2014 14:22:14

The superstar chef welcomes CNN's Monita Rajpal into his kitchen.

TV chef cooks up favorite mealupdated Sat Aug 23 2014 14:20:36

CNN's Monita Rajpal learns what Curtis Stone likes to eat at home.

Superstar chef's new labor of loveupdated Sat Aug 23 2014 14:10:31

Australian chef turned TV star Curtis Stone has impressed celebrities and master chefs alike.

Actress looks a lot different todayupdated Mon Jul 21 2014 10:04:25

Natalie Portman talks about growing up juggling her education at Harvard and working on blockbuster films.

How Natalie Portman became a leading ladyupdated Fri Jul 18 2014 08:46:49

Natalie Portman shot to fame at the young age of 11 years old and has become one of the biggest stars on the silver screen.

Natalie Portman's Dior inspirationupdated Fri Jul 18 2014 08:42:25

Natalie Portman talks about her role as Dior ambassador as she visits China.

Michael Kors brings luxury to the massesupdated Fri Jun 20 2014 13:44:09

CNN's Monita Rajpal sits down with Michael Kors in Shanghai, as the billionaire designer makes his first foray into China.

Michael Kors' first big breakupdated Fri Jun 20 2014 13:43:07

The American fashion designer reflects on his humble beginnings. CNN's Monita Rajpal reports.

Did 'outsider mentality' fuel Kors?updated Fri Jun 20 2014 10:28:13

American fashion designer Michael Kors on growing up as an outsider and the importance of staying true to who you are.

Fashion designer's exciting new ventureupdated Mon May 26 2014 05:04:39

CNN's Monita Rapjal meets the woman behind multimillion-dollar brand Agnes B. as she makes her directorial debut in Hong Kong.

Agnes B. on dealing with criticismupdated Fri May 23 2014 10:12:35

French fashion designer Agnes B. reflects on her directorial debut "My Name is Hmmm..."

Fearless designer's rise to the topupdated Fri May 23 2014 10:11:11

From fashion to chocolate, flowers to film, Agnes B is fearless in pursuing her passions. Monita Rajpal reports.

Forrest fights to end slaveryupdated Fri Apr 18 2014 08:16:59

Australian mining magnate Andrew Forrest on how one Nepalese orphan inspired his work to end modern slavery.

From unwanted child to mining tycoonupdated Fri Apr 18 2014 07:55:07

Australian businessman Andrew Forrest on why his mom didn't want a third child.

Mining magnate's rocky road to successupdated Fri Apr 18 2014 07:15:02

CNN's Monita Rajpal meets Andrew Forrest who talks about his rural upbringing in Australia and battles in business.

U.S. Navy: We are cautiously optimisticupdated Mon Apr 07 2014 18:23:35

Cmdr. William Marks gives an update on the U.S. Navy's 7th fleet's search for MH370 in the Indian Ocean.

Can Chinese fashion go global?updated Fri Mar 21 2014 19:01:55

Vogue China's Editor in Chief Angelica Cheung on grooming local designers for international success.

Meet China's Anna Wintourupdated Fri Mar 21 2014 18:54:44

Talk Asia speaks with Angelica Cheung -- the Editor in Chief of Vogue China. CNN's Monita Rajpal reports.

Why Vogue China is more than fashionupdated Fri Mar 21 2014 18:43:46

Acclaimed photographer Mario Testino reflects on Angelica Cheung's runaway success as the Editor in Chief of the magazine.

Vogue China editor: China's young fashion designers need to take a larger step on the world stageupdated Thu Mar 20 2014 00:01:18

When I was launching Vogue China nine years ago, one of the key elements I was determined to introduce was a regular column dedicated to promoting and supporting Chinese design talents. We were the first fashion magazine to do this on a regular basis, but it was not easy.

Gay socialite on life in Hong Kongupdated Fri Feb 21 2014 12:42:32

Gigi Chao talks about being gay in a city that tries to balance a modernizing culture with traditional Asian values.

Lesbian socialite: I forgive my fatherupdated Fri Feb 21 2014 12:38:22

Hong Kong-based heiress Gigi Chao on the aftermath of her father's controversial marriage bounty.

Hong Kong's lesbian heiressupdated Fri Feb 21 2014 12:37:46

CNN's Monita Rajpal meets Gigi Chao who made news after her father offered millions to the man who could win her heart.

Tycoon's lesbian daughter Gigi Chao shakes up conservative Hong Kongupdated Tue Feb 11 2014 21:32:10

What's life like when your father is a billionaire, your mother is an actress, and your sexuality becomes an international headline?

Julio Iglesias: near-death experience made him a singerupdated Fri Jan 24 2014 04:41:43

Before the interview for Talk Asia, all I knew about Julio Iglesias was that he sings love songs -- and that the ladies seem to love him.

Iglesias on 'making love' to his audienceupdated Thu Jan 23 2014 09:41:30

The Spanish singer talks about his warm up routine before shows and the accident that changed his life.

Julio Iglesias' favorite duetsupdated Thu Jan 23 2014 09:37:55

The best-selling Latin singer reflects on his most memorable collaborations and playing football for Real Madrid.

Julio Iglesias: Music is my lifeupdated Thu Jan 23 2014 09:36:26

Monita Rajpal meets the best-selling Latin artist in history who is still charming audiences around the world in his 70s.

Who is the other Pharrell Williams?updated Fri Dec 20 2013 08:51:24

The music producer and style icon reveals how a conversation with Lauryn Hill led him to celebrate individuality.

Pharrell Williams: The Andy Warhol of musicupdated Fri Dec 20 2013 08:47:09

The music producer on collaborating with major stars such as Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and Jay-Z.

Pharrell Williams' recipe for successupdated Fri Dec 20 2013 08:43:09

Monita Rajpal meets the music producer, style icon and master collaborator behind some of the past decade's biggest hits.

Pharrell Williams: I'm proud of Miley Cyrusupdated Fri Dec 20 2013 08:28:52

The music producer on Miley Cyrus' twerking controversy and why he views her as his Mona Lisa.

Pharrell Williams: Dare to be differentupdated Fri Dec 20 2013 08:23:20

Music producer Pharrell Williams on celebrating individuality through his company i am OTHER.

Meeting Pharrell Williams, the coolest N.E.R.D and 'man of the moment'updated Thu Dec 19 2013 22:42:55

Cerebral. That's how I would describe the producer, songwriter, musician Pharrell Williams if I could only use one word.

Anya Hindmarch's humble beginningsupdated Fri Dec 13 2013 09:26:07

Monita Rajpal speaks with the British fashion accessory designer about her business which stretches across the globe.

Designer embraces personalized luxuryupdated Fri Dec 13 2013 09:24:35

British fashion accessory designer Anya Hindmarch grants rare access to her busy London store.

Handbag designer pushes the envelopeupdated Fri Dec 13 2013 09:23:44

British fashion accessory designer Anya Hindmarch reveals the inspiration behind her latest collection.

Talk Asia: The NBA around the worldupdated Sat Nov 09 2013 09:28:12

CNN's Monita Rajpal talks with NBA Commissioner David Stern about basketball's global reach.

Talk Asia: The business of the NBAupdated Fri Nov 08 2013 10:46:02

CNN's Monita Rajpal talks business and basketball with NBA Commissioner David Stern.

Talk Asia: When the NBA looked overseasupdated Fri Nov 08 2013 10:45:56

NBA Commissioner David Stern talks about when the NBA started expanding internationally.

Jeremy Lin: I don't focus on raceupdated Fri Oct 25 2013 09:52:36

Jeremy Lin on whether it's more difficult to make it as an Asian-American player in the NBA.

Jeremy Lin's attack mentalityupdated Fri Oct 25 2013 09:51:23

Monita Rajpal speaks with NBA player Jeremy Lin as he prepares for a game in the Philippines.

Was race a barrier for Jeremy Lin?updated Fri Oct 25 2013 09:26:34

Jeremy Lin opens up about becoming a high-profile Asian-American player in the NBA.

Jeremy Lin: I was ready to walk awayupdated Fri Oct 25 2013 09:25:07

NBA superstar Jeremy Lin on some of the toughest moments of his career.

Jeremy Lin: Underdog turned NBA starupdated Fri Oct 25 2013 09:23:34

CNN's Monita Rajpal speaks with Jeremy Lin as he opens up about becoming a sports icon.

Roger Federer: You can't always winupdated Fri Oct 18 2013 11:45:03

17-time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer on staying motivated and giving his best.

Roger Federer: A crusader for educationupdated Fri Oct 18 2013 09:30:57

The grand slam winner talks about his foundation which helps children gain access to quality education in South Africa.

Roger Federer on mental toughnessupdated Fri Oct 18 2013 09:29:59

Roger Federer explains why confidence is crucial when it comes to mastering the tennis court.

Roger Federer on Asia's tennis crazeupdated Fri Oct 18 2013 09:28:28

CNN's Monita Rajpal meets the Grand Slam winner as he visits Shanghai for the first time in over a decade.

Innovation helps chef stay on topupdated Fri Oct 04 2013 10:08:43

French pastry chef Pierre Herme shares his recipe for success and why he rejects competition.

'Picasso of Pastry's' edible luxuryupdated Fri Oct 04 2013 09:58:57

Monita Rajpal meets Pierre Herme, the only pastry chef to receive France's highest honor.

How one chef transformed the macaronupdated Fri Oct 04 2013 09:43:47

French pastry chef Pierre Herme opens up about his unique take on the traditional macaron.

Baz Luhrmann on living with fearupdated Fri Sep 13 2013 13:17:38

CNN's Monita Rajpal speaks with Baz Luhrmann about confronting fear and helping actors succeed on set.

Luhrmann: 'Gatsby' exceeded expectationsupdated Fri Sep 13 2013 07:44:38

Director Baz Luhrmann on dealing with critics and how his work is a labor of love.

Baz Luhrmann: I'm just warming upupdated Fri Sep 13 2013 07:42:55

Oscar-nominated director Baz Luhrmann reflects on his career journey and making more time for family.

Baz Luhrmann: 'Gatsby' was born in Chinaupdated Fri Sep 13 2013 07:39:14

Director Baz Luhrmann talks about bringing the American novel "The Great Gatsby" to the silver screen.

Corgan: God is the future of rock musicupdated Fri Aug 23 2013 09:13:42

Smashing Pumpkins singer Billy Corgan on why rock music needs God and how suffering isn't good for business.

Billy Corgan on losing his motherupdated Fri Aug 23 2013 08:55:50

Smashing Pumpkins' front man Billy Corgan talks about "Pale Horse," a song inspired by the relationship with his mother.

Billy Corgan: Crazy is good for businessupdated Fri Aug 23 2013 08:41:03

CNN's Monita Rajpal meets the front man of Smashing Pumpkins, who says authenticity has helped the band stay successful.

Billy Corgan's 'miserable success'updated Fri Aug 23 2013 08:28:09

Billy Corgan on how the success of Smashing Pumpkins' early music didn't bring him happiness.

Kompany's meteoric rise to the topupdated Fri Aug 09 2013 13:41:03

Manchester City's Captain Vincent Kompany talks about what drives him and connecting with supporters around the world.

Kompany on grooming the next generationupdated Fri Aug 09 2013 13:40:25

CNN's Monita Rajpal speaks with Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany about how Belgium nurtures young footballers.

Kompany on future ambitionsupdated Fri Aug 09 2013 13:13:56

Manchester City's captain Vincent Kompany talks about not taking fans for granted and living for the future.

Making 'Fast and the Furious 6'updated Fri Aug 02 2013 12:13:06

Actor and producer Vin DIesel talks about the success of his characters in the Fast and the Furious and Riddick.

Vin Diesel's rise to fameupdated Fri Aug 02 2013 09:03:02

Hollywood actor and producer Vin Diesel talks to CNN's Monita Rajpal about his career and success.

When Vin Diesel met Spielbergupdated Fri Aug 02 2013 09:02:45

Actor and producer Vin Diesel tells the story of his first meeting with Steven Spielberg.

Freedom inspires top designerupdated Fri Jul 12 2013 09:53:21

Lie Sang Bong talks about the inspiration behind his work and why it's important to please loyal customers.

Lie Sang Bong: I was a bad fatherupdated Fri Jul 12 2013 09:50:47

The South Korean fashion designer on who the ideal "Bong woman" is and healing a broken relationship with his son.

S. Korean designer on incredible careerupdated Fri Jul 12 2013 09:27:05

CNN's Monita Rajpal meets designer Lie Sang Bong, who has dressed such A-list stars as Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

Katzenberg on how to make a blockbusterupdated Mon Jul 01 2013 14:51:31

Jeffrey Katzenberg says having a strong story is crucial when creating successful animated films.

Katzenberg: Disney gave me the bootupdated Mon Jul 01 2013 14:51:01

The DreamWorks Animation CEO opens up about his tenure with Disney and leaving under difficult circumstances.

Movie CEO inspired by Chinaupdated Mon Jul 01 2013 14:47:09

CNN's Monita Rajpal meets Jeffrey Katzenberg, the man behind the multimillion dollar "Kung Fu Panda" franchise.

Part 1: Philip Green's Hong Kong ventureupdated Fri Jun 21 2013 11:18:03

Arcadia Group owner Philip Green talks to CNN's Monita Rajpal about bringing British high street fashion to Hong Kong.

Part 2: Philip Green's big investmentsupdated Fri Jun 21 2013 11:11:43

Arcadia Group owner Philip Green gives CNN's Monita Rajpal his tips to making good investments.

Part 3: Philip Green on building brandsupdated Fri Jun 21 2013 10:59:51

Arcadia Group owner Philip Green talks to CNN's Monita Rajpal about the importance of having Topshop in central Hong Kong.

Steven Tyler's Aerosmith anthemsupdated Fri Jun 14 2013 09:27:04

Aerosmith sinnger Steven Tyler describes how singing in church inspired his rock music.

Steven Tyler's family life on tourupdated Fri Jun 14 2013 09:26:24

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler talks to CNN's Monita Rajpal about music and family.

Steven Tyler's energy on stageupdated Fri Jun 14 2013 08:02:33

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler talks to CNN's Monita Rajpal about the band's 40 years in the business.

McCartney: Designing for everyday womenupdated Fri Jun 07 2013 09:47:16

Stella McCartney talks about the signature pants she created while at Chloe and creating clothes for women of all shapes.

Stella McCartney's rise to the topupdated Fri Jun 07 2013 09:40:12

CNN's Monita Rajpal meets Stella McCartney, one of the world's most celebrated fashion designers.

Backstage access with Mark Ronsonupdated Fri May 31 2013 11:00:59

Talk Asia goes behind the scenes with the musical mastermind before a concert in Seoul, South Korea.

Why trust is everything for superstar DJupdated Fri May 31 2013 10:48:52

Mark Ronson opens up about his most successful collaborations -- including working with the late Amy Winehouse.

How passion drives musical mastermindupdated Fri May 31 2013 10:33:13

CNN's Monita Rajpal meets Grammy award-winning Mark Ronson who has produced some of the biggest stars in the industry.

From struggling actor to A-list starupdated Fri May 24 2013 17:20:26

CNN's Monita Rajpal meets Vin Diesel who talks about the success of the "Fast and Furious" franchise.

Diesel on being discovered by Spielbergupdated Fri May 24 2013 17:17:30

The "Fast & Furious" actor talks about landing a role in Academy Award-winning film "Saving Private Ryan."

Tough guy actor embraces vulnerabilityupdated Fri May 24 2013 17:14:40

"Fast & Furious" star Vin Diesel tells Monita Rajpal how the latest movie installment challenges earlier releases.

Part 3: Salman Rushdie's early influencesupdated Fri May 10 2013 11:52:44

Award-winning Author Salman Rushdie takes CNN's Monita Rajpal on a tour of his childhood home.

Part 2: Rushdie on hiding for a decadeupdated Fri May 10 2013 11:52:27

Salman Rushdie talk about the fallout from the publishing of "The Satanic Verses" in 1988.

Part 1: Rushdie on 'Midnight's Children'updated Fri May 10 2013 11:52:15

Award-winning Author Salman Rushdie talks to CNN about his controversial career.

Part 3: Creating the Tom Ford brandupdated Fri May 03 2013 07:45:47

Tom Ford Chairman, Domenico De Sole talks to CNN's Monita Rajpal about the company's expansion plans.

Part 1: Surviving the fashion businessupdated Fri May 03 2013 07:45:14

Tom Ford Chairman, Domenico De Sole talks to CNN's Monita Rajpal about his career in fashion

Takashi Murakami: Superflat and super awkwardupdated Sun Jan 13 2013 19:43:16

This is not worksafe. It's a hyperlink to Hiropon, the pornographic fiberglass creation of Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami.

50 years of teen bliss: Serenaded by the Beach Boysupdated Fri Sep 14 2012 02:17:06

A pre-teen me once learned how to slow dance to "Surfer Girl."

After escape from North Korea, artist turns from propaganda to pop art updated Sat Mar 24 2012 13:29:34

Song Byeok had every reason to be pleased with his success. A gift for drawing led to a prestigious career as a propaganda artist and full membership in North Korea's communist party.

Laid-back U.S. China envoy causes a stir updated Fri Nov 25 2011 00:25:33

He's the ambassador who carries his own bags and the can for the U.S. in China.

Action star Michelle Yeoh takes on Aung San Suu Kyiupdated Fri Nov 11 2011 03:22:09

While playing the part of Aung San Suu Kyi in biopic "The Lady", Michelle Yeoh felt as if she had "lived" with the Burmese pro-democracy leader for years.

Monisha Kaltenborn: The woman racing ahead in F1updated Wed Oct 26 2011 03:56:11

When growing up, Monisha Kaltenborn wanted to go into space, but as the first female CEO of a Formula 1 team she's arguably reached greater heights.

Lobsang Sangay: Exiled Tibetans' new political leaderupdated Wed Oct 05 2011 22:32:50

Lobsang Sangay has a hard act to follow.

Eric Schmidt: 'Google should have gone social sooner'updated Wed Aug 24 2011 21:48:50

Eric Schmidt is as committed as ever to making sure those at Google "do the right thing."

Hayao Miyazaki: The world's greatest animatorupdated Thu Aug 11 2011 22:34:47

Hayao Miyazaki is regarded by many as the world's greatest living animator and an icon of Japanese popular culture.

Kim Yuna: South Korea's ice skating iconupdated Wed Jun 29 2011 22:42:59

Kim Yuna is one of South Korea's biggest stars and the ice skater who won the country's first figure skating gold medal at a Winter Olympic Games last year in Vancouver.

Indonesia's president: 'We can be model for Islam and democracy'updated Wed Jun 15 2011 05:26:07

Indonesia's transition from an autocracy to a vibrant democracy can be an example to those countries in the Middle East experiencing political upheaval, says the country's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Design guru reveals Yves Saint-Laurent hate mailupdated Wed Jun 01 2011 17:50:41

American fashion designer and film director Tom Ford has revealed he received angry letters from his predecessor and rival Yves Saint-Laurent.

Kumar Mangalam Birla: Cementing profits with charityupdated Wed Apr 06 2011 04:41:00

What do aluminum sheeting and life insurance have in common?

Damien Hirst: Chasing the art, not moneyupdated Wed Feb 09 2011 23:24:50

Artist Damien Hirst doesn't have a problem with money.

Dadawa: China's pop idol turned U.N. ambassadorupdated Thu Jan 20 2011 02:38:27

From a Chinese pop idol to a champion of ethnic minorities in China, singer Dadawa is a musician like no other.

China's Woody Allen on turning a disaster into a hitupdated Thu Jan 13 2011 02:18:14

Film director Feng Xiaogang may have made China's biggest box office hit, the disaster movie, "Aftershock", but he built his reputation in comedies, comparing himself to American director, Woody Allen.

Honda driving Japanese football forwardupdated Wed Nov 24 2010 23:07:02

Keisuke Honda is the rising star of Japanese football.

Naoto Kan: 'Japan has lost its vigor'updated Tue Nov 16 2010 22:15:46

As Japan's fifth prime minister in four years, Naoto Kan hopes the revolving door of Japanese politics will remain closed long enough for him to reinvigorate the country.

Minsuk Cho's dramatic architectureupdated Thu Nov 11 2010 03:45:01

Contemporary and often abstract, Minsuk Cho's buildings can baffle, delight and dazzle.

Malaysia's PM hopes to forge a united nationupdated Wed Nov 03 2010 04:30:21

Politics is in the blood of Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Gwyneth Paltrow: A star's life in balanceupdated Wed Oct 27 2010 03:32:08

For the Oscar-winner and Hollywood A-lister, family takes priority over career goals.

China's fashionably outspoken media mogulupdated Wed Oct 20 2010 22:01:28

She's been called China's answer to Oprah Winfrey and Anna Wintour, but Hung Huang never had a plan to be the media and fashion empress she is today.

Kylie Kwong's passion for family, food and businessupdated Wed Oct 06 2010 01:56:24

Family, food and faith have guided Kylie Kwong to where she is today.

Stephen Fry: The actor taking the highs with the lowsupdated Wed Sep 22 2010 08:30:15

Stephen Fry is a comedian, actor and writer, who has become something rare in British public life; a national treasure.

Yao Ming's make or break seasonupdated Wed Sep 15 2010 22:23:50

A colossus on and off the basketball court, Yao Ming is China's biggest sports star.

Real life 'Jaws' couple fight to save sharksupdated Wed Sep 08 2010 04:36:45

For nearly 50 years Ron and Valerie Taylor have been filming sharks at close quarters, bringing the lives of the ocean's most fearsome predators to TV and the big screen.

Slash: 'I was a productive junkie'updated Wed Aug 25 2010 04:29:37

He's the rock demigod who lives and breathes music, but whose heart beats thanks in part to a pacemaker.

Ken Watanabe: Samurai of the silver screenupdated Wed Aug 18 2010 23:25:50

One of the stars of this summer's Hollywood hit, "Inception", Ken Watanabe has fought his way to the top of his profession.

R&B superstar Usher continuing Michael Jackson's legacyupdated Wed Aug 11 2010 23:31:30

You know you've reached a special level of fame when you're known by just your first name.

Ghosts, spirits and Thailand's award-winning film directorupdated Wed Jul 21 2010 23:24:52

Not many winners of the Cannes Film Festival Palm d'Or thank ghosts and spirits in their acceptance speech.

Nicklaus eyes golf as global gameupdated Wed Jul 14 2010 22:20:10

Money has changed the game of golf -- and for the better, says Jack Nicklaus.

Philippines' president-elect continues political dynastyupdated Wed Jun 16 2010 22:28:35

CNN was in the Philippines to cover the national elections on May 10. Although it would take three more weeks for the Philippine Congress to officially declare the winners, Senator Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III was largely expected to become the country's 15th President.

Han Han: China's rebel bloggerupdated Thu Jun 03 2010 01:21:02

Han Han is China's rebel writer who has become the unofficial voice for his generation.

Sarah Chang: Playing in Pyongyangupdated Wed May 12 2010 04:22:01

Internationally renowned classical musician Sarah Chang has played violin to audiences in some of the world's greatest capital cities. But her virtuosity has also helped gain her access to one of the world's most secretive of places; Pyongyang.

Is Wang Zhongjun China's Harvey Weinstein?updated Wed May 05 2010 04:03:31

Surrounded by expensive pieces of Chinese art purchased from auction houses in London and New York, Wang Zhongjun, China's 50-year old film mogul, appears the very model of a modern Chinese entrepreneur.

Nancy Kwan: The real 'Suzie Wong'updated Thu Apr 15 2010 01:04:37

Nancy Kwan is the actress who immortalized "The World of Suzie Wong'" in the 1960 film.

What's behind the grin of Yue Minjun?updated Wed Apr 07 2010 23:24:57

Artist Yue Minjun is the man the behind the rictus grin that has become his work's motif. Part self portrait, part parody, part social commentary, his paintings have made him one the most instantly recognized contemporary artists in China.

Shane Warne: The wrong 'un that came goodupdated Wed Mar 31 2010 05:49:33

A cricketing icon and sporting hero in his native Australia, Shane Warne's life off the cricket pitch has almost been as well documented as his career on it.

Shah Rukh Khan: Bollywood cricket boss takes the cheers and the jeersupdated Wed Mar 24 2010 03:43:10

Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood superstar, has become more than a little accustomed to being adored by millions.

Kevin Spacey: Star of screen, stage and Las Vegas?updated Wed Mar 10 2010 23:13:50

"Movies aren't an actor's medium...actors are just color in other people's paintings," Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey told CNN's Talk Asia.

Yundi Li: The pianist with a quiet approach to fameupdated Thu Mar 04 2010 02:34:20

A classical pianist with a rock star following, Yundi Li has been packing concert halls for nearly a decade.

Rihanna one-on-one: A tall propositionupdated Tue Feb 23 2010 19:07:18

"Under my um-ber-ella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh."

Li Na: Taking Chinese tennis to the topupdated Mon Feb 15 2010 01:08:43

China's Li Na hit the heights earlier this year when she made it to the semifinals of the Australian Open, beating Venus Williams along the way.

Johnnie To: Shooting Hong Kongupdated Thu Feb 11 2010 23:36:07

When choosing a career, Johnnie To considered becoming a policeman. However more than three decades after accepting a job at a TV station he's still shooting the Hong Kong underbelly but from behind a camera.

Zhou Xun: China's queen of quirkupdated Thu Jan 21 2010 23:13:16

Chinese actress Zhou Xun is a face recognized by millions, but so far, little known outside of China.

Lee Byung-hun: Korea's leading manupdated Wed Jan 20 2010 22:45:41

With over 20 years as an actor, Lee Byung-hun has a gained a serious on-screen persona. But when the camera is off, the 39-year-old South Korean is more joker than brooding artist.

AI: Japan's R&B princessupdated Fri Jan 08 2010 01:43:41

Is Ai Carina Uemura a Japanese Beyoncé or more an Asian Missy Elliott?

Baz Luhrmann's eye for the spectacularupdated Wed Dec 30 2009 00:58:08

Even when working at his father's gas station when he was a boy, Baz Luhrmann had an eye for great stories.

Behind the dark glasses: The world of Karl Lagerfeldupdated Thu Dec 17 2009 04:01:31

He is perhaps the most recognizable man in fashion, almost never seen without his dark glasses, a silver ponytail and fingerless gloves.