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Web-only Exclusives
November 30, 2000

From Our Correspondent: Hirohito and the War
A conversation with biographer Herbert Bix

From Our Correspondent: A Rough Road Ahead
Bad news for the Philippines - and some others

From Our Correspondent: Making Enemies
Indonesia needs friends. So why is it picking fights?

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The Week of May 29, 1998

Cover Image

C O V E R  S T O R Y
Indonesia An embattled President Suharto announces he will step down. The question now is when he'll actually do it
Cast The main players in the unfolding drama
The Chinese Once again, a racial minority is a scapegoat
Perspective A Chinese Indonesian's plea for tolerance
Economy The looming catastrophe
Rebels A reminder that it's still a fragile nation
Suharto What makes the man tick
Wealth The First Family's holdings
Parallels A look back at People Power and Tiananmen
Kingmaker Muslim leader Gus Dur on Suharto
Solutions Why Suharto should go quickly - and how to begin healing Indonesia's wounds
P O W E R  5 0
Essay The paradigms of power have been transformed
No. 1 A new surprise entry goes straight to the top. The person with the power to tell governments what to do and how to do it
No. 2 An unchallenged, unrivaled political leader
The Ranking Nos. 3 to 50: the region's other power-players of the last 12 months
The List The complete Asiaweek Power 50
Down and Out Who are off the list and why
History The worst leaders - a personal assessment
Looking Ahead People to watch in the year to come
T H E  N A T I O N S
South Asia Pakistan weighs the cost of responding in kind to the Delhi government's nuclear activities
Sanctions Can India survive the wrath of the U.S. and Japan?
Viewpoint Why the bomb is justified
Philippines Estrada on how he will run the country
Policies The plan: improve peace and order, increase spending in agriculture, taxation reforms and more
A R T S & S C I E N C E S
Technology No big worries if Windows 98 comes in 1999
Books The Bhutto scion who flirted with terrorism
People A South Korean golfing star is born
Newsmakers Gloria Arroyo: the Veep's veep
Passages Frank Sinatra Dies
L E T T E R S  &  C O M M E N T
Letters & Comment Asia's best universities
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U.S. secretary of state says China should be 'tolerant'

Philippine government denies Estrada's claim to presidency

Faith, madness, magic mix at sacred Hindu festival

Land mine explosion kills 11 Sri Lankan soldiers

Japan claims StarLink found in U.S. corn sample

Thai party announces first coalition partner


COVER: President Joseph Estrada gives in to the chanting crowds on the streets of Manila and agrees to make room for his Vice President

THAILAND: Twin teenage warriors turn themselves in to Bangkok officials

CHINA: Despite official vilification, hip Chinese dig Lamaist culture

PHOTO ESSAY: Estrada Calls Snap Election

WEB-ONLY INTERVIEW: Jimmy Lai on feeling lucky -- and why he's committed to the island state


COVER: The DoCoMo generation - Japan's leading mobile phone company goes global

Bandwidth Boom: Racing to wire - how underseas cable systems may yet fall short

TAIWAN: Party intrigues add to Chen Shui-bian's woes

JAPAN: Japan's ruling party crushes a rebel at a cost

SINGAPORE: Singaporeans need to have more babies. But success breeds selfishness

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