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November 30, 2000

From Our Correspondent: Hirohito and the War
A conversation with biographer Herbert Bix

From Our Correspondent: A Rough Road Ahead
Bad news for the Philippines - and some others

From Our Correspondent: Making Enemies
Indonesia needs friends. So why is it picking fights?

Asiaweek Time Asia Now Asiaweek story


From giant tea parties to champagne dinners, Asia is gearing up

By Alex Gardner

asia in the new millennium
Mapping the Future The future wealth and size of Asian nations

The 21st Century By Arthur C. Clarke

Asia Trends 2000 The promises and perils of one wired world

The Microchip Silicon will get into everything
The Power As the region prospers, chances for conflict may become greater
Essay by Fidel Ramos Ending repression was easy; now we must defend freedom
The Dynasty It's here to stay
The Classes Many more Asians may escape poverty
The People Democracy in Asia will become increasingly deep-rooted
Essay by Bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo Shifts to new paradigms may include the "common good" and spirituality
The Mind Classrooms of the future will be virtually unrecognizable
Essay by Stan Shih The challenge of creating markets in a competitive world
The Body Science will soon deliver miracle cures, designer babies and new dilemmas
The Soul Asia seeks a new cultural identity
Essay by the Dalai Lama Balancing material progress with inner development to achieve true success
The Food Are the pushers of genetically modified edibles out to lunch?
The Vacation Inner and outer space are the destinations of the future
The Design Asia still has a place in the shape of things to come
The Metropolis Sweeping global changes are reshaping urban destinies
The Earth Environmental awareness is growing
The Jobs New and reinvented careers will fire the imagination
The Money The cashless society is on the way
The Investor Globalization and the Net will empower future shareholders and savers
The Sexes Democracy, capitalism and the Internet can lift women to the top
Essay by Marina Mahathir In Malaysia, we should change the way society looks at their roles
The Family The family promises to be much different than it is today
The Economy New ways of working call for new ways of thinking
Essay by Donald Tsang Financial well-being is a responsibility for each nation and the world
The Network The connection will go much deeper

The Asiaweek Round Table on ASEAN in 2020

Celebrations Asia is gearing up

Celebrities How some of the region's most visible personalities intend to welcome the New Year

Millenium Dictionary From pop anthems to dawn sites and midnight nuptials, a guide to 2000

WITH FIVE MONTHS STILL to go, many events still have to be confirmed. But here's how some regional plans for the big celebration are looking


Dec. 31
Opening Ceremony of "New Millennium China 2000"
Celebrate the end of 1999 at the Centennial Temple. Beijing and other cities.

Dec. 31
Tai Mountain Centennial Celebration
Join thousands climbing the mountain to welcome the first day of the new century, after a party the night before. Taian City.

Dec. 31
Millennium Celebrations
Star Wars theme party at the Space Village, with live band entertainment. Beijing Kempinski Hotel. From 388 renminbi.

Hong Kong

Oct. 1 - Jan. 9
Exhibition of Warring States Treasures
Featuring cultural relics of historic importance from ancient China (including many Class 1 National Treasures). Hong Kong Museum of Art. HK$20.

Nov. 27
Chinese Teaism Performance for the Millennium
An attempt to put Hong Kong into the record books as the host of the world's largest tea party. Tamar Site, Central. HK$298.

Dec. 30
Placido Domingo and Sarah Brightman
Sing your way into the year 2000. Hong Kong Stadium. (To Be Confirmed.)

Dec. 31
Millennium Night Fever
Party in the streets of Lan Kwai Fong to a variety of themes in different areas of Hong Kong's nightlife capital. Lan Kwai Fong, Central.

Dec. 31
The Hong Kong Cancer Fund Millennium Gala
Dinner with live entertainment and unlimited champagne. Grand Hall, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. From US$900.

Dec. 31
New Year's Eve Family Fun Carnival Victoria Park.

Dec. 31
Millennium Extravaganza
Join international and local artists for a special concert and televised countdown, including a special race meeting featuring the Millennium Cup race. Happy Valley Racecourse.

Dec. 31
Millennium Countdown Evening
A variety of shows and demonstrations on a Chinese theme and a dai pai dong (street stall) buffet dinner, leading up to a countdown at midnight and music/dancing afterwards. Middle Kingdom, Ocean Park. HK$550.


Dec. 31
Millennium Cultural Pageant
A lakeside party with a cultural theme, with a variety of events in Khajuraho, an ancient city of temples.


Dec. 29 - Jan. 3
Sacred Rhythm - The Millennial Percussion Festival
Welcome the new millennium with a bang. Bringing together percussion artists from all over the world, and including workshops and seminars, as well as an arts and craft exhibit. Bali.


Dec. 31
Millennium Street Party
Traffic will be closed off in part of Kuala Lumpur for a huge carnival and street party spanning three days and two nights, featuring a variety of fashion shows and other entertainment. Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott Hotels. (Price to be confirmed.)


Nov. 1 - Jan. 31
Imaging the Century
Providing a photo-finish for the last century, this three-part exhibition displays photography and artwork "celebrating life in Singapore over the past century." Singapore History Museum/Asian Civilisations Museum/Singapore Art Museum.

Nov. - Jan.
40 Days and 40 Nights
Non-stop activities, events, contests and competitions, all leading up to a beach party/concert to see in the New Year. Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island.

Nov. 28 - Jan. 5
See the internationally acclaimed Cirque du Soleil group perform their unique acrobatic, dance, trapeze, mime, contortion and juggling acts, all under a Big Top. The Padang.

Dec. 31
Orchard Road Street Party
A special-effects show, local and international artists performing and a party with 30 other cities in a televised millennium link-up. Orchard Road.

Dec. 31
Open-Air Disco
Party through the last night of the millennium in an open-air disco. Suntec City.

Dec. 31
Countdown to the Millennium
Family entertainment with a concert, a carnival and fireworks and laser display. Also on show - the longest pasar malam (night market) ever. NTUC Pasit Ris Resort.

Dec. 31
Singapore Ballroom Dancing Championship 2000
16 hours of music and dancing. Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Dec. 31
Outdoor Concert
Featuring local and international stars as well as fireworks, lasers and giant balloon displays. Marina South.

Dec. 31
Two Centuries of Raffles
A Gala Ball at the Raffles Hotel. From S$3,500.


Dec. 31
The Oriental Century
A host of activities and dining options. Bring in the new millennium dancing to The Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, performing with the magical River of Kings as its backdrop. The Oriental. US$300-$600.

Dec. 31
The "Amazing Thailand" Concert
A host of world-class stars celebrating the arrival of the year 2000. (To Be Confirmed.)

Dec. 31
One Night in a Millennium
3 themed parties (details to be announced); a gala in the Grand Ballroom, dinner and dancing in the Atrium and the Spasso Restaurant. Grand Hyatt Erawan.

Dec. 31
Celebrations of the Century
Celebrations to suit any tastes, with international and local cuisine served up in a variety of venues from the Poolside to on the River of Kings. Also appearing, for the first time in Asia: the Eastern Suite Band. Shangri-La. US$160-$250.


Dec. 26 - Dec. 31
Countdown Parade and Party
Parade with all your favorite Disney characters in the run-up to the millennium. Get yourself a Disney passport and gain access to a special night at Tokyo Disneyland to see out the Millennium. Tokyo Disneyland. 60,000-65,000 yen.

Dec. 31
One Night in a Millennium
Take your pick from 6 different themes, spanning both time and geography, as the hotel closes its doors to the public and ticket holders roam free to celebrate in the style of their choice. Park Hyatt Tokyo. 50,000 yen.

Dec. 31
Countdown Party
Choose from any of the hotel's restaurants and then join the party in the Ballroom. Four Seasons Hotel. From 35,000 yen.

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