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Davao City

overall rank: 19

country: Philippines


Snapshot: The City at a glance

City AverageRank
Overall Score545219
Average Income US$2,6058,76327
State Educational Spending Per Cap/$30.16200.2226
a Ratio of House Price to Income9.82414
Hospital Beds per 1,0002631
Dust/Suspended Particles(ug/m3)55*240.737
Vehicles per KM City Roads39224.625
Criminal Cases per 10,000708126
TV Sets per 1,000123241.6920

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a = Average house price divided by average annual income.
b = Household income.
c = Based on household income.
d = Officially, land cannot be bought or sold.
e = National figure.
f = U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Pollutants Standards Index.
g = Air Pollutant Index.
h = Per 100 families
i = Per 1,000 families
j = Per 75,000 people.
k = National figure, TV sets per 1,000 people.
m = % of households with TV sets.
n = Measured in Parts per Million (ppm).

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