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For the year 2000

The Best Government Reformer
How Asia Is Governed
The Best Local Administrator
The Best Activist

The Best Dealmaker
The Best IPO
The Best Stock
The Best Advocate of Shareholder Rights
The Best Fund Manager
The Best Cost Cutter

The Best Airport
The Best Hotel Service
The Best Hotel Gym
The Best Store
The Best Food

In Tune with Nature
The Best Forest Preserve
The Best City Park
The Best Transport
The Best Green Test
The Best Marine Preserve
The Best Marine Park

The Hottest Video Game
The Hottest Gadget
The Hottest Portal
The Best Asian Websites

The Hottest Fad
The Hottest Toy
The Hottest TV Show
The Hottest Album
The Best Movie
The Best Short Film


25 Years  Intro |  Democrat |  Film |  Architecture | Book  25 Years
The Quest for the Best of the Past 25 Years

Celebrating Asia. That's the mission and the motto of Asiaweek's 25th anniversary year. And what better way to celebrate the region than to produce this special double issue devoted to Asia's Best. This feature begins with a look at some of the Best Things that have happened or have been produced in Asia over Asiaweek's quarter-century. "Democracy, regional harmony and high tech have all blessed Asia, but the greatest bounty — one that ushered in many others — is the region's economic take-off," says Ricardo Saludo, the assistant managing editor in charge of the entire Best project. "Of course, Asiaweek searched for Asia's best in 'all spheres of human activity,' as our mission statement says, from 1975 until now."

How did we chose our topics? Well, to some extent we simply played to the magazine's strengths. That's why you will find in these pages, the Best Shareholder Rights' Advocate, the Best Dealmaker and the Best Internet Sites. But we also wanted to cover our own personal interests. That explains Best Film, Best Book, Best Green Project and Best Food.

In some cases (as in selecting the restaurants that serve the best local specialties), we polled experts for their choices. In others, we used purely objective information — like the statistics that determined our selection of the Best Stock and the Hottest CD. In still others, like hotel service, we turned to the picks specialized authorities had already made.

Among the many highlights here are the best photographs from Asiaweek's 25th anniversary photo competition. The "Celebrating Asia" contest drew more than 100 excellent entries.

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