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Asiaweek/CNN Asian Internet Index
Portals/ content/ community
Yahoo Japan (Japan) (Hong Kong) (India) (China) (Hong Kong)
Daum Communications (Korea) (China)
SPH AsiaOne (Singapore)
Rakuten (Japan)
Internet telephony (Hong Kong)
B2B online services/ sites (Hong Kong)
Global Sources (Hong Kong)
Financial services
E*Trade Australia (Australia)
Monex (Japan)
E-commerce enablers
First (Hong Kong)
iMerchants (Hong Kong)
Network security
Trend Micro (Japan)
Broadband/ interactive TV
Pacific Century CyberWorks (Hong Kong)
i-CABLE Communications (Hong Kong)
GigaMedia (Taiwan)
Korea Thrunet (Korea)
Hanaro Telecom (Korea)
Mobile Internet
SK Telecom (Korea)
NTT DoCoMo (Japan)
China Mobile (China)
Internet access/ infrastructure
Pacific Internet (Singapore)
Satyam Infoway (India)
Asiainfo Holdings (China)
Crosswave Communication (Japan)
Softbank (Japan)
E-corp (Australia)
chinadotcom (Hong Kong)
Consumer/ network hardware
Creative Technologies (Singapore)
Sony (Japan)
Legend Holdings (China)
Acer (Taiwan)
Great Wall (China)
Samsung Electronics (Korea)
Network services/ software
Datacraft Asia (Singapore)
Infosys Technologies (India)
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excel table
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Asia's information technology revolution is just beginning
The Asiaweek/CNN Internet Index attempts to track Asia's online advance through the composite performance of 20 Asian stocks that are, or aspire to be, Internet and information technology players. The group includes Net-smart telecommunications companies, Internet service providers, electronics manufacturers, e-commerce companies and others, both large-cap and small, from around Asia.

The Asiaweek/CNN Internet Index tracks Asia's Information Technology revolution through the stock-price performance of 40 Asian companies on the cutting edge of the digital economy. Performance of the Index provides a broad overview of Internet activity throughout the region, in developed and developing markets as well as across Internet industry subsectors. Represented companies include online content providers; electronic financial services and stock brokers; online retailers; business-to-business services; wired and wireless network infrastructure providers; consumer electronics and network hardware manufacturers; telecommunications providers.

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Warhol and Walnuts: Good technology stocks don't have to soak up the limelight if they reflect the market at large (February 25, 2000)
A Tale of Two Net Stocks: shares rocketed, but it was Japan's Trend Micro - a rare profitable Net play - that led the way (December 3, 1999)
Taking Stock of Tech: After a shaky start, the Portfolio found its legs. Now the index includes two racier Internet companies (October 1, 1999)
The Portfolio A list of 20 Asian stocks that are, or aspire to be, Internet and information technology players (June 25, 1999)
Companies comprising the Index are selected according to a methodology that includes objective and subjective criteria. Constituent companies may derive the majority of their revenue from sources not directly related to the Internet, providing they demonstrate a compelling e-business strategy, hold dominant market positions or are developing promising Internet-related technology. The Index is market-cap weighted; no single component stock is assigned an individual weighting exceeding 10% of the total value of the Index. Due to rapid changes in this dynamic industry, component stocks may be dropped from the Index and new ones added several times over the course of a year.

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