Bambang Trihatmodjo
Age: 45
Estimated wealth: $3 billion
Major holdings: 38% of Bimantara Citra, one of Indonesia's largest conglomerates with 27 subsidiaries and interests in everything from oil and gas to hotels, telecommunications and animal feed
Property: $8.2 million Singapore apartment, $12 million Los Angeles estate (a visitor says the latter has two houses, two swimming pools, a tennis court and a basketball court. "The interior design in the guest house was sort of nouveau riche, but worse, with tiger-striped fabric on the couches")
Last sighted: At a bowling alley near Los Angeles
Operating style: Has been transferring cash overseas and buying shares in foreign markets for several years. In 1997, say Dutch authorities, he made a "private visit" to the Netherlands-controlled Caribbean island of Curaçao--apparently to make a large deposit in the local branch of an international bank. A friend says Bambang once cared about the needy but something happened on the way to the bank: "I think he saw all the people around him getting rich and felt left out"
photo: AP