Siti Hutami Endang Adiningsih "Mamiek"
Age: 34
Estimated wealth: $30 million
Major holdings: Stakes in several of her siblings' companies plus interests in fruit, transportation and telecommunications. In 1995 the government appointed her company Manggala Krida Yudha to undertake a $500 million reclamation project expanding the North Jakarta seaport. She in turn tried to subcontract the project to Hyundai Engineering for $100 million, but the deal was canceled by the government in an effort to purge corruption
Property: 264-hectare fruit park in West Java
Last sighted: At her home in Jakarta
Operating style: Low-profile chain-smoker. Entered business too late to make much money. Is widely known for her Mekarsari Park near Bogor, set up in 1995 to promote botanical research. A friend says she once approached Mamiek with a business venture. Mamiek got back to her a week later: "I can't do it. Daddy already gave that to Tommy"
photo: AFP