Sigit Harjoyudanto
Age: 48
Estimated wealth: $800 million
Major holdings: 40% of brother Tommy's Humpuss Group; silent partner in hundreds of other companies and properties
Property: Two homes in exclusive Hampstead area of London worth $12 million each, one in Los Angeles, one outside Geneva
Last sighted: Suharto family compound in Jakarta neighborhood of Menteng
Operating style: Serious gambler. Frequented roulette and baccarat tables in London (he loved the Ritz), Atlantic City, Las Vegas and Perth; gambling partners say he wagered up to $3 million a night, with career losses of more than $150 million. After Sigit suffered a bad run in Las Vegas in the late 1980s, his father banned him from gambling abroad. Jakarta bookies organized a call-in cable TV show featuring a baccarat table; Sigit, a friend says, lost more than $20 million: "They set up the scam just for Sigit"