Siti Hediati Hariyadi "Titiek"
Age: 40
Estimated wealth: $75 million
Major holdings: Financial services, power, computers, banking, property
Property: Home on London's Grosvenor Square
Last sighted: Boston, where her son is attending high school. Her husband, Lieut. General Prabowo Subianto, is in Jordan looking after his brother's business interests and visiting an old friend, Jordan's King Abdullah
Operating style: Chain smoker. Hates dogs. In Jakarta, she slept in one room; her husband and his Alsatians in another. Likes Harry Winston, Bulgari and Cartier. "She loves big chunks of jewelry," says a woman who has accompanied her on excursions to Switzerland and England. Former chairwoman of the Indonesian Fine Arts Foundation, Titiek has a personal art collection valued at more than $5 million. Adores movie stars. At a 1994 Suharto party in Bali to celebrate the opening of Jakarta's Planet Hollywood, she danced the night away with martial arts star Steven Seagal
photo: AP