Siti Hardiyanti Rukmana "Tutut"
Age: 50
Estimated wealth: $700 million
Major holdings: Citra Lamtoro Gung Group, with interests in more than 90 companies ranging from telecommunications to infrastructure, including tollway projects in Indonesia and the Philippines
Property: 12-room, $1 million house with tennis court and heated pool near Boston; house on London's Hyde Park Square
Last sighted: Requesting a hike in tollway rates from Indonesia's parliament
Operating style: Politically ambitious, Tutut ascended to the level of Minister of Social Affairs in her father's last cabinet. Got her start in business at age 25, when "Uncle" Liem Sioe Liong gave her 14% of BCA, the country's largest private bank. She has also adopted her nephew Ari Sigit's out-of-wedlock daughter, Suharto's great-grandchild. A family friend who traveled to San Francisco on one of Tutut's jets attests to her generosity: "She gave me a first-class ticket home to Jakarta. I can still remember the smell of leather seats and Armani cologne in the bathrooms"
photo: AP