Photo Essays
Photo Essays
From Sapporo to Surabaya: A photographic culmination of TIME Asia's road journey from Japan to Indonesia
Building Their Lives: The men of Yantang must move to Shanghai and go into hard labour to build better lives for their families
The Madurese: While their distinctive culture includes colorful marriage, their riches are from harvesting scrap metal

Extra Photo Essays
Indonesia: Tale of Two Roads
One's a driver's nightmare, the other a rollerblader's dream
Thailand/Malaysia: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
How to end up in hospital and live to tell the tale
Vietnam: Digital Wonder
Vietnam joins the IT revolution
China: Feast Your Eyes
Cruising down the Yangtze River was just gorge-ous!
Japan: Are We There Yet?
TIME Asia gets off the beaten track--with some help

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