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Young China: The Face of the Future
The generation that has grown up since the Cultural Revolution is a country- within- a- country, one that faces new possibilities, new fears—and a wide world that it will surely change

Big Numbers: The statistics that define a nation

Then and Now: A catalog of hip through the generations

Speaking Out: In an online poll, kids tell us what they like

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OCTOBER 23, 2000 VOL. 156 NO. 16

Welcome to TIME Asia's Young China

Playing Games with Patriotism
The most outward-looking generation in Chinese history is also turning out to be one of its most fiercely nationalistic
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The Ranks of Revolutionaries
Hooked up, fired up and liberated by the Internet, China's 'Generation Yellow' is laying the groundwork for change
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'Is There Anything Wrong with Love?'
Young gays are having trouble finding their place in modern Chinese society
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The Political Becomes Personal
Chinese artists are moving beyond diatribe and Mao tableaux to address new social realities with courage and inventiveness
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Also in Young China: Photo Essays
Beijing Sports School: Beijing's Shichahai Sports School is where 300 of the nation's best young athletes are groomed for international glory

On the Road with Cold Blooded Animal: Deep in the Beijing underground scene, a trio of Shandong rockers rage against the machine

Life of a Model: Spend a day in the whirlwind life of Shanghai model Lu Yi. Photographer Lauren Greenfield captures this young star's every move, from shooting commercials to walking the runways for Gucci and Chanel

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