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APRIL 10, 2000 VOL. 155 NO. 14


NAPPY TIME It could be one of the most important political decisions Tony Blair makes: Should he swap the British prime ministership for a few days, or weeks, of baby care after his fourth child is born in May? His lawyer wife Cherie wants him to, and the law says he can. World leaders are staying tuned. Illustration for TIME by David O'Keefe; photo by Jay Conner

Eat your heart out, Midas. Richest Australian finds ruby and sapphire haul on his rural property
Teen boy-band charges up U.S. charts, selling 2.4 million CDs in a week--double the old record
Bad-boy actor wins early release from probation stemming from 1996 attack on his girlfriend
Former Israeli P.M. faces fraud and theft charges for allegedly keeping gifts and misusing state funds
Judge finds U.S. Prez broke privacy law by releasing private letters during Monica scandal
Inhale this! Jury orders tobacco giant to pay ex-smoker $10 million in punitive damages

"The real shipwreck of Elián did not take place on the high seas, but when he set foot on American soil."
GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ, Colombian novelist, on the negative influence American culture is having on six- year-old Cuban refugee Elián González

"Political correctness is tyranny with manners."
CHARLTON HESTON, U.S. firearms lobbyist, objecting to calls for stricter gun-control measures
  "Yeltsin was sick, old and always slurring his words. Putin is young, active and clever."
INNA MANUKYAN, Russian accountant, after Vladimir Putin was elected the country's President

"He's 14 now, and he's started to realize girls are quite interesting."
J.K. ROWLING, British author, on how her literary invention, Harry Potter, is beginning to discover the opposite sex

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