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Young China
Olympics 2000
On The Road


OCTOBER 23, 2000 VOL. 156 NO. 16

C O V E R   S T O R Y
YOUNG CHINA: The Face of the Future
The generation that has grown up since the Cultural Revolution is a country-within-a-country, one that faces new possibilities, new fears--and a wide world that it will surely change

To Our Readers: A letter from the Editor

Our Contibutors to this special issue

Big Numbers: The statistics that define a nation

Generation Yellow: An Internet entrepreneur says the Web is uniting far-flung youth into an innovative community

Finding Jobs Online: Looking for work in all the right places

Love Is in the Web: Our reporter logs on to find Mr. Right

Singing the Blues: Why Chinese rock doesn't rock

Slacker Chic: On the road with Cold Blooded Animail

Invisible Fences: Authorities keep a rein on kids partly by not telling them what is and isn't allowed

Getting High: Ecstasy becomes the urban drug of choice

Not Out: A gay musician says society is still homophobic

National Pride: Patriotism makes a comeback

Sport: The basketballer denied an outside shot

Coming Home: Western-educated young scientists are lured back to the motherland

Country Girl: A villager moves to the big, bad city

Getting Green: Activists seeking to avert an environmental disaster are tapping the ranks of the very young

Strike a Pose: Model Lu Yi lives out a dream

Home Sweet Home: Citizens now aspire to buy a flat

Overseas Assignment: One Beijing school prepares most of the thousands of students who want to enrol in the U.S.

Getting Into the Top Schools: Tips from an expert

Role Models: Kids don't look up only to Bill Gates

Big Think: Intellectualism did not die with the 1980s

Art of the Possible: A gallery of new works

Looking Inward: Today's artists are beginning to explore individual rather than collective themes

Riot Grrrls: Mian Mian and Wei Hui face off

Literary Boom: Youth fiction is far more varied than the sex-and-drugs glam-lit that nabs headlines

What's Hot: The fads du jour among urban youth

Speaking Out: In an online poll, kids tell us what they like

Father and Son: Two generations of filmmakers reflect on their differences—which turn out to be less than they had feared

THE PHILIPPINES: Playing for High Stakes
A gambling and kickback scandal threatens to bring down the already struggling presidency of Joseph Estrada

NOBEL PRIZES: Well Worth the Effort
Kim Dae Jung has come a long way from dissident to President to Nobel Peace Prize winner
Prize & Prejudice: Beijing grumbles about the literature award

E N D   P A G E S


Getting Maximum Mileage from Air Miles

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